Top 10 Dorm Picks: From A Student, For A Student.

If you’re getting ready to go off to college or university and living on your own for the first time, there are so many small details to remember in order to feel fully set up! Whether you’re moving into a dorm room or apartment this fall, we have everything you need to make your new space feel like your home away from home. Our President’s daughter, who is away at University, shares her top dorm room essentials that are a must-have for surviving your first year away from home.

1. Space Saving Laundry Basket 

Space can be pretty tight in dorm rooms and communal laundry rooms. A foldable laundry basket can be tucked away between uses, allowing you to make the most of your space! 

2. Hanging Organizer 

Another great way to maximize and save your space. This hanging organizer can be used for all kinds of apparel and more. It’s a great way to store important things you wouldn’t want to forget on your way out! 

3. Shower Caddy

Residence showers can be super tiny, but a shower caddy can help maximize storage without taking up too much space. Plus, this cute grey Umbra caddy is super flexible and easy to move around! 

4. Soap Pump & Toothbrush Holder

The easiest way to feel set up in your new home is by having an organized bathroom. This matching countertop set will transform your bathroom from empty to clean and simple! 

5. Storage Cube

A perfect way to maximize both space and storage! Tuck away as a storage container when not in use, and grab as an extra seat when needed! 

6. Storage Bin

Keep your personal items organized with this clear bin. Perfect for if you have shared bathrooms! You can store all your bath and beauty products in this bin and even label it, so its not confused with someone else’s!

7. Water Bottle

Keep a water bottle nearby if you don’t have easy access to a kitchen or tap and save yourself time from having to leave your room every time you need a drink! This is also perfect for staying hydrated all day while attending classes.

8. Shopping Trolley

Avoid hauling heavy bags from the grocery store with a shopping trolley! Perfect to fold up and stash away to save space when not in use. 

9. Salt Lamp

Practical and beautiful, a salt lamp doubles as decoration and additional lighting. The lamp also helps with odour control by releasing negative ions which clear the air and dilute odour! 

10. Bath Mat

Add the finishing touches to your bathroom with a memory foam bathmat. Extra points for memory foam, which makes getting ready so much more comfortable.

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