10 Must-Haves For Organized Cupboards

Tired of your pantry being full of spice jars that you can’t see or reach? Not enough room for your dishes and mugs? Is your bathroom storage in need of an update? Getting your cupboards organized can feel like a daunting task, but with these great products, all your cupboards will be Pinterest worthy in no time!

KSP Space Logic Corner Shelf

Running out of space to store your dinnerware? The KSP Space Logic Corner Shelf creates an extra 2 shelves for storing your plates, bowls, mugs, and more!

KSP Space Logic Divided Pan-Board Rack

There’s a better way to store your cutting boards and baking sheets than in the drawer under your stove, and that’s with the KSP Space Logic Divided Pan/Board Rack. With 3 divided compartments, it helps keep everything organized and easily accessible.

KSP Space Logic Expandable Kitchen Shelf

The KSP Space Logic Expandable Kitchen Shelf expands up to 30” for that perfect fit in your cupboard. It’s rust resistant, powder coated steel makes it perfect to use in your bathroom, kitchen, and more!

KSP Stack N Slide Collapsible Storage Bin 

Customize your space, and create a stacked tower of drawers with the KSP Stack N Slide Collapsible Storage Bins. The bins glide smoothly, so that you have easy access to every drawer. Available in 2 sizes.

The KSP Spacelogic Expandable Under Sink Shelf expands up to 30”, making the perfect fit under your sink. For more customization, adjust the shelf heights and move the shelf slats so they can fit around the drainpipes.

KSP Bagstor Grocery Bag Dispenser

Get rid of your bag of bags and start storing them in the KSP Bagstor Grocery Bag Dispenser. Mount it anywhere: on a wall, under a shelf, or inside a cabinet. Tuck away your plastic grocery bags for later, and pull one out of the front slot when you need one.

KSP Spacelogic ‘Expandable’ Wire Pan- Lid Organizer

Organize your pot lids with the KSP Space Logic Wire Pan/Lid Organizer. It expands up to 22.5” and makes it easy to find the lid you need, when you need it.

iDesign Linus Pantry Stadium Spice Rack

With the Idesign Linus Pantry Stadium Spice Rack, you’ll be able to see all your spices with just one glance. The 3-tiered design makes it easy to see and reach the jars in the back. Available in 3 sizes.

iDesign Linus Seasoning Pack Organizer

Stop digging through the back of your spice cabinet for the right seasoning, gravy, and sauce packets. Keep them organized and easy to access with the Idesign Linus Pantry Seasoning Pack Organizer.

Luciano Gourmet Non-Slip Foldable Cabinet Shelf 

Create as many additional shelves as you need with the Luciano Gourmet Non-Slip Foldable Cabinet Shelf. Its lightweight, sturdy design allows you to take advantage of every inch in your cupboard, and the legs can be folded away when it’s not in use. Available in 2 assorted colours and 2 sizes.


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