11 Unique BBQ Tools You Need This Summer

It’s time to crack open a cold one and fire up the grill! ğŸ˜ŽğŸ” BBQ and summer go hand-in-hand, and we’ve rounded up our top 11 unique BBQ tools that you’ll be reaching for all season long. Let’s get grilling!

KSP Epicure BBQ Shish Kabob Skewer with Rack 

Take a break from the burgers and hot dogs and switch things up! Make delicious kabobs, souvlaki, and grilled veggies with these handy skewers & rack. The metal skewers sit securely on the rack, making it easy to turn for perfect and even cooking every time.

Maverick Digital Grilling BBQ Fork Thermometer

Take the guesswork out of grilling your BBQ faves! This thermometer makes barbecuing stress-free, especially when you’re cooking steaks for a bunch of people who all want different levels of doneness. It has 4 preset options for Rare, Medium Rare, Medium and Well Done meat.

Such an easy way to pre-make hamburger patties. Either cook immediately, or we partially freeze within the mold then push out into a freeze bag for freezing and future use” – Linda

KSP Luxe Lined Silicone Oven Mitt

This all-time best-seller has a heat-resistant silicone exterior, non-slip texture, soft interior for added comfort, and is available in a variety of fun colours. Perfect for keeping your hands safe while barbecuing!

Better BBQ Grill Reusable Grilling Sheet 

This reusable non-stick grill sheet makes for easy grilling and even easier cleanup!

Outset BBQ Square Grill Basket 

Grill everything that might slip through your BBQ grate in the Outset BBQ Square Gill Basket. This basket easily opens to allow you to easily place your meats and veggies, then closes securely for easy flipping.

Outset BBQ Non-Stick Taco Rack

Because the last thing you need on Taco Tuesday are broken shells! Warm up your tacos without breaking the shells with this handy Non-Stick Taco Rack. Plus, it’s also great for grilling corn!

Outset BBQ Rosewood Handle Tongs

Safe grilling starts here! The long handle keeps your hands away from the heat while you grill. They lock together for easy storage and have a handy hanging hook.

Outset BBQ Rosewood Handle Basting Brush

Keep your food moist and delicious without burning your hand over the hot grill.

CTG Telescopic BBQ Fork 

Cottage nights and camping trips wouldn’t be complete without roasting hot dogs and marshmallows! These handy forks have a metal rod that extends to keep your hands away from the heat!

Flexible BBQ Lighters 

These flexible lighters make firing up the BBQ a whole lot easier!

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