3 Easy Face Mask Stations

Umbra Cubby Mini with Harman Reusable Cloth Masks & Sanitizers

Come aboard, and get organized with these 3 simple ways to sort out your masks and sanitizers.

1. Bin there, try this.

We love these iDesign Rain Bins for simple organization. Use 1 bin to keep your sanitizers in one spot. Use another bin for face masks – and if you’ve got different sizes, it’s a great way to keep them separated. And, if you want to keep soiled masks separate from your laundry until you’re ready to wash them, use another bin for masks that need to be washed. Don’t forget – during the Organization Sale, these bins are Buy One, Get One 50% Off (with Click & Collect orders), so stock up now, and save.

2. Face Mask Station – but make it FASHION!

Elevate your station with this Umbra Tesora Jewely Stand – it’s not just for jewelry anymore. Coordinate your mask with your other accessories, and keep them all together.

3. Hang on, we’ve got one more idea.

Great for small spaces, this Umbra Cubby Mini Wall Organizer can be hung close to your front or back door, making a really quick grab-and-go station, for masks and sanitizers. Alternatively, hang it INSIDE your closet, to keep your masks and sanitizers easily accessible, but out of the way when you close the door.

PRO-TIP: Use these Mirage Shop Smart Reusable Mesh Bags for laundering masks. If you’ve got different sizes in the family, wash by size and make sorting a breeze!

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