3 Things To Know About Our Best Ever Organization Sale


We love organizing and what better time to transform your space than the start of a new year?

Our annual Organization Sale will help you design your ideal space (any space!) for 2020. We know how good it feels to start the year with everything perfectly in its place, and we’re bringing you some of our most exciting products yet to make this happen.

1. When it’s happening

KSP organization event

This year’s Organization Sale runs from January 16-February 9, with savings of up to 50% off on some of our favourite products. With discounts available in-store only, you’ll want to find the store closest to you.

2. In-store BOGO deals

Fridge Stor fridge organizers

iDesign Linus Fridge Binz

At this year’s event, you’ll find buy one-get-one offers on some of our most popular products, like OXO Pop food storage containers and Linus organizing binz for your fridge, drawers and pantries—plus so many more.

3. Pro tips for organization

Marie Kondo

Over the next few weeks, be on the lookout for plenty of smart tips and tricks for maximizing your space and achieving that Instagram-worthy shelf or cabinet. Sign up for our emails for specific How-Tos or follow us on social for organization inspiration. We’ll also be partnering with experts who will share their advice and pro-tips, so stay tuned!

Start exploring our Organization Sale

Be sure to head in store or shop online during the Organization Sale, on from January 16 to February 9, 2020. Transform any space and create a new routine that’ll work for you to create space and spend less. Ready for some inspiration to get started? Check out our guide for organizing your cupboards.

Show us how you #LoveYourSpace. Take a photo and tag us @kspstuff on Instagram or at to show us how you’re organizing your space – we can’t wait to see it!