4 Ideas For An Organized Family Room

There are endless benefits to having an organized family room, but above all, it can increase your productivity. I’m not just talking about getting the laundry done quicker (which is magical), I’m talking about being productive in every aspect of your day.

When your home is organized, you will save time looking for things and have much more time to work on those important tasks – like cooking dinner, down time for yourself or helping the kids with homework. Having an organized family room is critical to being organized as a family. It especially helps kids learn to keep track of their own toys, books and clothing. Organization is a life skill that teaching them from a young age can be beneficial for many years to come.

I set out to create an organized family room where I could work while the kids play. Here’s what I came up with:

Clear out the clutter

Kids have a lot of toys and I always find myself stashing them wherever possible. The more baskets you have, the better.

I like to organize all the toys in specific baskets by child, and by type of play. When I need a few moments to myself to get some work done or make a meal, I’ll grab a bin with puzzles and sensory toys to keep them occupied. When we all have time to sit together, I can pull out the arts and crafts bin or the games bin.

Because each child has their own baskets, they take full ownership of all the items and their whereabouts (hello easy clean up time!). It really gives them a sense of independence knowing that when they want to play with something that they know exactly where they can find it.

Make it organized and cozy

A warm, inviting and organized family room will enable you to focus on what you want to achieve and reduce stress levels.

KSP Whitney Upholstered Storage Bench (Natural)

KSP Whitney Upholstered Storage Bench (Natural)

This storage bench is not only a perfect spot to read a book, or sit with the kids and play–it’s a great place to store those storage baskets! They say organization creates clarity which can provide us with both energy and enthusiasm.

Inspire with creative tools on display

The moment my son walked into our newly organized family room and office, he said, “can we keep it like this forever?”.

KSP Whitney Upholstered Storage Bench (Natural)

The following days he would grab his notebook and sit at the desk and draw.

I used glass canisters to neatly display coloured markers, paint brushes, crayons, pens and pencils on the desk and the kids love it. Not only is everything easy to find, it’s super inspiring seeing all the stationery sitting out.

KSP Quality 'Chalkboard' Glass Canister with Lid - Set of 3 (Clear/Black)

KSP Quality ‘Chalkboard’ Glass Canister with Lid – Set of 3 (Clear/Black)

Be creative

Think outside the box when it comes to how you want to organize your family room. This dish paired with a holder adds elegance and functionality to the office.

KSP Tuscana Stoneware Collection

KSP Tuscana Stoneware Collection

It’s a great place to stash all the little things I use day to day and still keep the desk free of clutter.

This cute bunny ring holder is adorable sitting on the desk and is perfect to prop up a phone or hold a charging cable or paper clips.

Bunny Phone Stand

Have fun creating a warm, functional and organized family room that everyone will love!

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