4 Yeast-Free Bread Recipes You’ll Love

yeast free recipes

You may have noticed by now that some essential ingredients for home baking are a little hard to find–just when you need them most! Food bloggers have pointed out that even yeast has been sparse as those who are baking-curious prepare for more time at home, and the opportunity to make their own bread. Well, fear not. There are many great yeast-free bread recipes out there and we’ve assembled a few of our favourites for you here.

1. Irish soda bread
Irish soda bread

If you haven’t heard, Irish Soda Bread is made with –no, not pop– but with baking soda instead of yeast. It’s known for having a nutty, rustic taste and for being super easy and fast. In fact, it only requires 4 ingredients and about 5 minutes of your time! Get the Irish Soda Bread recipe from the RecipetinEats blog here and be sure to use a deep mixing bowl since this batter will be thick!

2. Gluten-free banana bread
Banana bread recipe

Banana bread is an all-time favourite yeast-free treat, but if you’re looking for a simple, delicious recipe, check out this hearty ‘one bowl gluten-free banana bread‘ by The Minimalist Baker. Bake in rectangular non-stick loaf pans like the ones in this Wilton non-stick set of 3.

3. No-knead skillet olive bread
Yeast-free olive bread

For carb lovers craving something more savoury, a flavourful, Mediterranean-style olive bread makes for a tasty addition to your menu. This yeast-free olive bread recipe from the Diethood blog brakes down an easy method for those days when you just want to get cozy and indulge.

Most importantly, you’ll need a good no-stick cast iron skillet with great heat distribution to let your bread rise on. Try this Crockpot 10″ skillet.

KSP skillet

4. Classic sourdough loaf
Yeast-free sourdough bread

A traditional yeast-free sourdough loaf is a staple choice that pairs well with all types of meals and can be kept frozen without compromising its unique tangy flavour. And it only requires 5 basic ingredients! Blogger Nutmeg Nanny provides a detailed  yeast-free sourdough recipe here for anyone trying this out for the first time.

Since sourdough is denser than some other breads mentioned here, you’ll want to equip yourself with a reliable stainless steel bread knife like this Zwilling 8″–an essential for any kitchen.

Finally, serve up your homemade bread on a bamboo cutting board. Bamboo cutting boards are naturally dense, eco-friendly and resist moisture to prevent mould over time.