5 Reasons Lodge Cast Iron Is On Everyone’s Must-Have List


When your cookware is basically indestructible, you know you’re off to a good start.

Whether you’re an expert chef or a novice, cast iron is the ultimate cooking tool. We rounded up the top 5 reasons you need to add cast iron to your cookware arsenal.

1. You can grill all year round


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One of the best things about cast iron is grilling your favourite meals any time of year. With Lodge cast iron, it’s easy to keep that summer grilling feeling going all year round. An amazing gift idea, this grill pan will be any grill master’s new favourite cooking tool.

2. You can’t destroy it

When they say Lodge cast iron is built to last, they mean it. Your cast iron can literally be passed down through generations with the right care – which is much easier than you’d think. If any rust does accumulate, it’s also super easy to restore your grill pan to its original glory. Watch the video above or learn more about our use and care tips and tricks.

3. You can use it camping

Remember how indestructible cast iron is? Not only can you use it on the stovetop or in the oven, you can take it camping and use it on an open flame. Plus, the more you cook with cast iron, the more seasoned it gets, making every meal better and better.

4. You can make the best snacks

steak nachos in lodge cast iron skillet


Cast iron cooking is so easy, it’s amazing. Built to go from oven to table, you can make quick snacks for guests (or yourself, let’s be real.) We love this Grilled Steak Nachos recipe from Lodge. It works whether you’re camping in the summertime or at home binge-watching your favourite shows the rest of the year.

5. You can whip up easy desserts

strawberries and cream bread pudding in lodge cast iron


Yes, you can even use your skillet to make INCREDIBLE desserts. Everything from giant cookies to this amazing Strawberries & Cream Bread Pudding by Lodge. Get the recipe here.

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Ready to learn more? Try these recipes that work from breakfast to dessert or see videos featuring more great cast iron recipes.