6 Baby Bath Time Tips

baby bath time tips Yellow rubber duckies swimming in bubbles at bath time

Does bath time with the kids leave you completely soaked? Have you put the babes in the bath only to realize you forgot some bath time essentials? Is your bathroom full of baby bath toys? Been there…done that!

After having two babies in two years (YES, you read that correctly!) I have mastered the art of giving a baby a bath. It wasn’t always sunshine and rainbows though and I have learned from many bath time mistakes. I have implemented these 6 bath time tips which have made our bath time routine at home so much better! I have grown to love giving both of my babies a bath, filled with lots of giggles (perfect way to unwind and get ready for bed!).

Here are the six tips for any mom out there struggling to get through baby bath time.

1. Invest in a memory foam bathmat (Your knees will thank you!)

All that kneeling down while giving your baby a bath can get rough on your knees. This is where a good quality memory foam bathmat comes in. Not only does this Harman Supreme Large Microfiber Memory Foam Bathmat look great while matching my decor but my knees are spared!  A definite win for this mama!

2. Use a bath tub mat

My kids love bubble baths…but that can get really slippery in the tub.  That’s why I use the Splash Softee Foam Bath Tub Mat ! This non-slip mat features suction cups underneath to keep it in place. Having this mat in the tub is an essential tool to keep your baby safe during bath time!

3. Keep a laundry hamper handy

I don’t know about you but before I started doing this I used to have my babies clothes on my bathroom floor for days before I got around to picking them up…eww, I know! Bath time just gets so busy once you pick up the little one from the tub; you have to haul them to their room, dry them off and get them ready for bed!  Anyways, my solution is to keep the laundry hamper right in the washroom to make my life easier and my bathroom tidier! This laundry basket is stylish, durable and easy to carry to the laundry room! A bathroom must have!

4. Gather baby bath time items BEFORE you run the bath

This tip is really important. A little pre-planning and organization before the bath starts is so essential. This is because once your baby is in the tub, you cannot leave them alone…even for a second! Keep your baby safe please! Anyways, the solution is to gather all the items you need – towel, lotion, comb, wash cloths, hair dryer (I use a travel hairdryer for my kids!), nail clippers and so on before you start. I use this handy  Made Smart Bath Tidy Soft Grip Tote to gather all of the items before hand – and it fits perfectly under the sink when not in use!

5. Storage for baby bath time toys

Every baby loves playing with toys in the bath and every mom hates walking into the bathroom and stepping on these said toys….ouch! The solution is to have some storage right in the bathtub so once bath time is over, you can rinse the toys and place them in the basket. The InterDesign Powerlock Corner Basket is what I use and it has become a life saver! There a lot of baby bath storage items on the market but they’re so colourful and just don’t go with my bathroom decor! This is why I love this clear corner basket! It also features strong suction cups that won’t ruin your bathtub tiles!

6. Invest in a bath towel apron for yourself

After giving many, many baths to my first baby and always being completely soaked afterwards, my lovely friend gifted me a towel apron that protected me from all of the splishing and splashing that comes along with bath time! This was a total life changer! I no longer have to do outfit changes after bathing my kids! It’s basically an apron made from towel material so it’s super absorbent and comfortable! Definitely something every mom with young children should have!

These 6 tips have really changed bath time for me and my kids; think less stress and more fun and bonding time with your little ones! Good luck mamas!

Tabassum Wyne

Tabassum is the founder of Kashmiri Foodie (, where she shares easy and healthy recipes, fitness tips and lifestyle inspiration. She is also a mom of two little ones who have been her inspiration to get healthy! Check out Kashmiri Foodie to follow along with her recipe creations, food styling, fitness tips and decor inspiration.