7 Canning Essentials You Need For Canning And Preserving Season

Canning. Preserving. Pickles jars. Jars with pickles, pumpkin dip, white cabbage.

It’s officially canning season! Fall is here and it’s time to harvest your fruits and vegetables to prepare them for the long Canadian winter ahead.  You may remember your parents or grand-parents (or even your great-grandparents!) canning fruits and veggies come the end of summer, but it’s now become somewhat of a lost art.

We’ve got some good news: with just a few essential items, you, too, can make all the jams, sauces, and preserves your heart desires!

Open wide!

jar funnel sauce

Avoid the spills and splatters when it comes time to pour with a wide mouth canning funnel. This funnel also helps to make sure the jar gets filled nearly to the brim.

Get rid of those pits

cherry pitter jam canning essentials

Cherry jam is delicious (there’s no argument there), but we can’t pretend removing cherry pits isn’t, well, the pits. Easily remove those pits with this adorable cherry pitter. Bonus: this cherry pitter isn’t just great for cherries – it can also be used to pit olives!

Less strawberries wasted = more jam tasted

strawberry huller canning

It’s not only cherries that need to have some parts removed. Before strawberries can be made into jam, they’ll need to be hulled. Sure, you could use a knife, but why waste the tops of strawberries? After all, the more strawberry cut off, the less strawberry there is for yummy jam. This handy strawberry huller makes it quick and easy to prepare strawberries!

Stock it, good!

canning pot sauce jam

When it comes to canning, a good stock pot like this one is crucial! The Strauss Pro Stockpot is made of polished stainless steel and transfers heat quickly across the entire surface, resulting in even cooking. This stock pot suitable for use on all heat sources, which makes it perfect for canning! (Psst – this is just one size. We’ve got tons of different sized stock pots!)

Stir it up with a wooden spoon

wooden spoon canning essentials

Perhaps the simplest item on this list, a solid wooden spoon helps prevent whatever you’re making from burning. Don’t overlook how important a wooden spoon is and stock up to make sure you’re never in need of one.

Keep it hot with oven mitts

jar can canning oven mitts

Nothing puts a damper on the excitement of canning faster than a bad burn. Even if you’re always safe, wearing oven mitts when you’re near the pot helps prevent accidents from happening. These oven mitts are adorably appropriate!

Keep it clean with an apron

canning essentials apron

Keep your clothes clean with an apron that’s just as stylish as the clothes underneath it. This beautiful chambray apron is the perfect colour for fall and its large pocket is great for holding your gadgets (or tasting spoon).

Searching for some more canning essentials?

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