7 Genius Kitchen Gadgets That Will Change Your Life

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When you love cooking and baking, you start experiencing the strangest problems.

Imaging having to grate an entire block of cheese or juice 20 lemons for a lemon meringue pie. Or maybe you’re craving pineapple but can’t afford the time to peel, core and cut the entire pineapple?

I’m sure anyone who has been in similar situations have  said to themselves: “There MUST be an easier way to do this!” 

Luckily, there is! Here are 7 genius gadgets that will leave you wondering, “Where has this been all my life?”

1. Ricardo pizza scissors

Ricardo Soft Grip Pizza Scissors

Ricardo Soft Grip Pizza Scissors

With a pair of these pizza scissors, you can cut and serve an entire pizza with just one tool! In addition to this, pizza scissors ensure that each piece of pizza is cut through the crust.

2. OXO avocado pitter

gadgets - oxo avocado pitter

This kitchen gadget has an almost cult-like following – and with good reason! The avocado pitter allows you to cut, pit and slice an avocado in three easy steps. For those of you who eat a lot of avocado, this will turn into a kitchen essential.

3. Butterfly vegetable steamer

gadgets - Joie Butterfly Vegetable Steamer

Joie Butterfly Vegetable Steamer

Lined with silicone, the butterfly steamer lets you turn any pot into a steamer regardless of size! It’s also great for storage as you can fold it up and put it away. The silicone material is also perfect for protecting your fingers when removing the steamer from a hot pot. Featured here is the Joie Butterfly Vegetable Steamer.

4. Spiralizer

Two years ago, my sorority little sister bought me one of these for Christmas. At that time, I had only wanted it to make zucchini noodles but I soon learned that almost any vegetable or fruit could be spiralized!

From daikons to sweet potatoes to bell peppers, this gadget is perfect for creatively adding vegetables into everyday dishes.  Tip: the spiralizer is perfect for making homemade curly fries! Check out a few of our amazing spiralizer recipes.

5. Lemon juicer

This is hands down one of the most handy items to have in any home-bar and cocktail cart. From Whisky Sours to a refreshing Long Island Iced Tea, lemons are a staple part of any cocktail.  Having this gadget on hand ensures that you are squeezing every drop of juice out of your lemons!

6. Rotary cheese grater

gadgets - Joie Rotary Cheese Grater

Joie Rotary Cheese Grater

For anyone that makes a lot of pasta, stews or risotto, the cheese grater will become a staple in your kitchen. Commonly used in restaurants, the rotary cheese grater is amazing for turning blocks of cheese into finely shredded pieces in less than a minute. Not only is this gadget efficient but it will also save you from accidentally grating your finger! Featured here is the Joie Rotary Cheese Grater

7. Pineapple corer

For those of you who love a sweet juicy snack but don’t love the work required to peel, core and cut an entire pineapple – this gadget is for you! Not only does this corer provide an efficient way to cut pineapple but it will also save you money in the long run as whole pineapples are much cheaper than fresh sliced pineapple from grocery stores.

What are your go-to gadgets?

Are there gadgets out there that have completely transformed the way you cook? Share with me (Grayce) at @moussetaco or with Kitchen Stuff Plus at @kspstuff! Also check out some of my other posts for Kitchen Stuff Plus.

Grayce Yuen

Hailing from Alberta, Grayce is an avid home cook and one busy young professional pursuing her dream in Toronto. She loves toy poodles, succulents and dessert. Follow her on Instagram @MousseTaco to see what she's eating.