7 Top Thanksgiving Tools You Need To Host Thanksgiving


If you’re hosting Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving this year, you need to take a look at these top Thanksgiving tools that will make hosting Thanksgiving as easy as (apple) pie!

1. Hi-dome roaster

stainless steel hi-dome roaster with prepared turkey inside

Kuisine Hi-Dome Roaster with Rack, $47.99*

If you’re making turkey this Thanksgiving, you’ll need this Thanksgiving tool: a stainless steel hi-dome roaster! The stainless steel roaster includes a removable stainless steel wire rack with large handles so you can easily remove the finished meat from the pan and let it rest before serving.

2. A durable carving knife combo

stainless steel henckels pro carving knife combo

Henckels Pro V Carving Knife Combo – Set of 3, $47.99*

You need some trusty Thanksgiving tools to carve your delicious turkey easily. We love this carving knife combo because it includes a stainless steel carving knife, carving fork, and sharpening steel. And at only $47.99*, this combo set provides value without sacrificing on performance.

3. Handy turkey lifter

stainless steel turkey lifter meat forks

Kitchen Tools Turkey Lifter-Meat Fork – Set of 2, $11.99*

This is one turkey tool you won’t realize you need until you actually need it. You know, that exact moment when you’re trying to life your turkey out of the roaster and can’t. Be prepared and avoid the mess with these turkey lifter forks.

4. An in-oven thermometer

digital thermometer with probe

Polder Digital Thermometer with Probe, $29.99*

Want the juiciest, moistest turkey? And want to make sure it’s cooked to perfection? This in-oven thermometer with probe allows you to make sure your turkey is cooked perfectly without having to open your oven and risk losing moisture. Simply stick the probe in the turkey and monitor the temperature from outside your oven.

5. Pro turkey baster

stainless steel turkey baster brush

Pro Chef Turkey Baster with Cleaning Brush, $9.99*

Why do we love this turkey baster so much? Because it’s easy to clean, made of stainless steel, and comes with a handy cleaning brush. Plus, it has an easy squeeze silicone bulb and a flavour injector tip, a.k.a everything you need in a turkey baster.

6. A classic veggie peeler

stainless steel vegetable peeler

Henckels Classic Veggie Peeler, $10.49*

Peel all your fall veggies (hello sweet potato and carrots) quickly and easily with this stainless steel veggie peeler. This peeler is dishwasher safe so you can just toss it in your machine for easy post-prep clean up.

7. Thermal gravy boat

stainless steel thermal gravy boat

Chalet Thermal Gravy Boat, $14.99*

We love that this thermal gravy boat is made of stainless steel and has an air insulated thermal gravy barrier because your gravy will stay warm until your ready for seconds (or thirds)!

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