8 Homemade Baby Food Recipes That Are Easy To Make

Many parents are starting to make homemade baby food instead of purchasing baby food at the grocery store. There are a ton of pros to making homemade baby food including:

  • saving money
  • controlling the ingredients you use
  • adjusting the ingredients to suit your baby’s tastes

It’s fairly simple to make homemade baby food. Essentially, all you have to do is cook the food (usually by steaming) and then puree it until smooth – and that’s it! Become a homemade baby food pro with these 8 yummy recipes baby will love!

1. Apple & pumpkin baby food

apple and pumpkin baby food puree

Homemade Apple & Pumpkin Baby Food by Joy Food Sunshine

This easy and healthy baby food recipe only uses 3 ingredients and is an amazing recipe for baby to try this fall. Find the recipe from Joy Food Sunshine here.

2. Broccoli, potato, & cheese purée

broccoli, potato, and cheese baby food puree

Broccoli, Potato and Cheese Puree by Weelicious

This homemade baby food recipe has a smooth texture that’s perfect for babies! Loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, plus dairy, babies will love it! Find the recipe from Weelicious here.

3. Carrot & nutmeg baby food purée

carrot and nutmeg baby food puree

Carrot and Nutmeg Baby Food Puree by Baby Foode

This baby food is filled with nutritious carrots and just a *pinch*of nutmeg to make your little one’s taste buds happy! Find the recipe from Baby Foode here.

4. Raspeary baby food

pear and raspberry baby food puree

Raspeary Baby Food by Tasty

No, that’s not a typo. This homemade baby food puree is made with raspberries and pears and that colour alone will make your baby want to try a bite! Find the recipe from Tasty here.

5. Apricot banana puree

apricot and baby baby food puree

Apricot Banana Puree by Weelicious

This super simple recipe takes seconds to make and only uses two ingredients – apricots and bananas. And let’s be honest, we think there are some grown ups who would love to try this, too. Find the recipe from Weelicious here.

6. Cherry, squash, & almond milk yogurt

cherry, squash, and almond milk yogurt baby food puree

Cherry, Squash, & Almond Milk Yogurt Baby Food Recipe

If your baby has a dairy allergy, you likely try to find dairy-free alternatives for them to enjoy. This baby food purée is made with vanilla almond milk yogurt, an additional serving of veggies from squash, and a sweet antioxidant boost from cherries. Yum!  Find the recipe from Project Nursery here.

7. Sweet potato with thyme baby food puree

sweet potato and thyme baby food puree

Sweet Potato & Thyme Baby Food Puree by Baby Foode

Easy to make and full of nutrients, this baby food purée is perfect for fall! Find the recipe from Baby Foode here.

8. Apple puree

apple baby food puree in a bowl

Apple Puree from Healthy Little Foodies

We can’t guarantee you won’t end up eating more of this apple puree than baby, but hey, at least no food is going to waste! Find the recipe from Healthy Little Foodies here.

Ready to puree?

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