8 Tips For Organizing Your Pantry

While I am not big on new years resolutions per say, I am all about starting the year with a fresh slate and setting myself up for success. That usually means spending the month of January tackling all the spaces in my home that have become cluttered and disorganized over the year. With the help of Kitchen Stuff Plus, I’m going to share with you my tips for organizing your home in a way that is easy to maintain and creates a less stressful environment. I’m starting with my pantry but you can apply these tips to any space.

Tip #1: Make a list of your “problem-areas” in the space you are organizing so you know what you are trying to fix. For example, we had all our baking supplies in a drawer which made it hard to see the contents, some things that we found ourselves using daily were out of reach on the top shelf, and mismatched containers made things look cluttered.

Tip #2: Empty everything out. I mean everything. It has to get worse before it gets better! This step is important so that you can see everything you have and everything that you can get rid of. It also gives you a chance to clean before putting everything back.

Tip #3: Purge. Get rid of anything you haven’t used recently (if it has been buried at the back of the drawer for the last 6 months and you didn’t miss it, you probably don’t need it.) Check expiry dates. Donate things that are still good but no longer needed.

Tip #4: Measure your space. If you are going to be shopping in person at Kitchen Stuff Plus, write down the dimensions of every shelf and drawer (I would even draw a diagram) and what you plan to put there. That way when you see a beautiful wood bin, like these iDesign Wood Handled Bin or iDesign Wood Turntable you know they will fit perfectly. If you can’t make it to the store, KSP also offers Canada Wide Shipping so you can shop from the comfort of your couch, or in my case the comfort of my pantry.

Tip #5: Once you have your organization supplies in hand and you have narrowed down the essentials, it is time to start categorizing. Group together all your condiments, kids’ snacks, dry goods, canned goods, baking supplies etc. Determine how often you use these items and how accessible you want them to be before you start putting them back.

iDesign EcoWood Handled Bin
iDesign EcoWood Open Front Bin
iDesign EcoWood Turnatable
OXO Good Grips Pop Cereal Dispenser
OXO Good Grips Pop Storage Containers

Tip #6: Decant items like cereal into a OXO Good Grips Pop Cereal Dispenser and baking supplies into OXO Good Grips Pop Storage Containers. This will help maintain freshness and keep your pantry from looking cluttered. Keep a few bins in your pantry to put the overflow after you decant so you can top up the containers.

Tip #7: If decanting everything seems like too much work, just removing bulky packages can make a big difference. Take individually packaged items like granola bars, fruit pouches, and instant oatmeal out of the box and put them in clear iDesign Linus bins. Now you will be able to easily see which snacks need to be replenished when making your grocery list.

Tip #8: If you want, you can even go so far as to labeling canisters, dividers or drawers. This helps kids know exactly where to look when they want a granola bar (instead of tearing the pantry apart) and makes it easy when putting away groceries since everything will have a spot (no more “I didn’t know where to put it” excuses).

At the end of the day, the old saying “a place for everything, and everything in its place” rings true. By creating systems and giving everything a home, no matter what space you are organizing, it becomes so much easier to maintain in the long run!



Jyll is a mom of two young girls, who works full time in public health, and is passionate about creating a beautiful and comfortable home. Jyll and her husband have spent the last five years renovating their 1970s home, doing all the work themselves, and encouraging others to make the most of their own spaces. You can find Jyll on Instagram @jyll_mackie where she shares large-scale renovations, budget decor tips, trial-and-error experiences, and lots of DIY!