Back to School Tips: Organizing the Entryway

With the new school year just around the corner, I decided it was time to reorganize our home’s entryway. I know it’s not typically associated with back to school preparations, but the foyer actually sees the most traffic and chaos: masks are thrown, shoes are kicked off and lunch bags stay nestled in backpacks (often with leftover food inside–my biggest pet peeve)!

To set up my kids for success, I stopped by Kitchen Stuff Plus and grabbed stylish, affordable accessories to help organize the space. I can’t believe such small changes made such a big impact! Here are my top tips and product recos:

1. Start with a Large, High Quality Indoor Mat

Especially over the winter months when slush finds its way in the home, you’ll want to ensure that kids know to keep their shoes and boots planted firmly on the doormat.I found this sleek, Harman Textaline ‘Trace’ Vinyl Indoor-Outdoor Mat. Available in an array of designs and sizes, its non-slip backing prevents shifting and skidding, and the mat cleans easily by simply wiping with a damp cloth.


2. Keep it Simple: Use a Coat Rack

We have a gorgeous, spacious, mirrored closet adjacent to our foyer… but somehow, my kids haven’t mastered the trick of opening the closet and hanging their coats. (Okay, they’re just lazy. We know this.) After years of nagging I finally decided to simply their lives(and mine) by purchasing this gorgeous, sleek KSP Spoke Metal Coat Rack. A simple and modern design helps tidy up outerwear, and I love that it suits any décor!A wide metal base keeps the coat rack secure.


3. Save Space with a Shoe Rack or Cabinet

Stop tripping over runaway sneakers! Make it part of your child’s routine to place their shoes on a shoe rack or in a shoe cabinet. Kitchen Stuff Plus has many stylish options to choose from! I selected a basic wood rack–the ITY Shoe Hub ‘2-Tier’ Shoe Rack–because it nestles perfectly in my foyer and stacks easily. I love the shade of grey, but if it’s not a match with your décor, don’t be afraid to give the shoe rack a light sanding and a little spray paint!


4. Keep Lunch Supplies Organized

There’s nothing I detest more than lunch bags that remain in backpacks (especially if there’s leftover food inside). This year, we’re breaking the cycle in stylish and ergonomic way! I love these KSP Collapsible ‘Polka Dot’ Non-Woven Storage Bins in Gold. Can we say “Kate Spade” vibes for only $7.99? YES! They are minimalist and gorgeous and most importantly, are the space where I’ve instructed my kids to place their lunch bags and water bottles. No more stowaways.

5. Mask on/Mask off with a Mask Station

We know that face masks will once again be a part of the in-school experience. This Umbra Tesora Jewelry Stand was all the inspo I needed to create a mask station in my entryway. With posts to hang used masks upon entering the home, a storage bin to drop off water bottles and a selection of extra hand sanitizers, this space is a streamlined way to ensure kids are safe at school. Bonus: when masking is a thing of the past (fingers crossed), this jewelry stand will fit perfectly on my bedroom dresser!



I hope I’ve inspired you to update your entryway with these stylish and affordable pieces from Kitchen Stuff Plus! Now… are there any volunteers to come and make my kids’ lunches everyday? (Okay, okay, it was worth a shot!)