Baking Made Easy With OXO

Kitchen Stuff Plus is my go-to destination for all things baking related, from organizers to bakeware, they are the one stop shop that offers great products at a great value! To kick off my new year, I did a quick haul in hopes to reorganize my small pantry to ensure I can continue my home based baking business with efficiency and cleanliness.

The OXO Pop Baking Set is by far my favourite line! They are perfect for organizing your baking essentials and to level up your pantry game. The OXO Good Grips Pop 2.0 Storage Canister Baking Combo – set of 8 is the perfect starter pack! They come in different sizes and includes a few gadgets that are super handy and great for space efficiency. For example, a scoop that attaches securely under the lid which comes in handy when measuring out ingredients like flour and sugar. Also, a brown sugar saver that keeps your brown sugar soft. Not only are they practical, but they are also aesthetically pleasing! By using the OXO Pop Baking Set, I was able to fit more ingredients in my pantry and make my pantry goals come true.

Another great feature for these canisters are that they are air tight seal! This would maintain the quality and shelf life of your baking ingredients! For example, I would highly recommend everyone to store baking soda in one of these canisters so that it prevents from absorbing any odours and have a longer shelf life for effective baking!

Now besides an organized pantry, it’s important for bakers on any level to have great bakeware! The OXO Commercial Pro line is the quality you want in your kitchen! These commercial-grade muffin pans and cookie sheets are perfect for your next baking project! Not only do they have fast and even heat distribution, the non-stick feature makes it very easy to clean! Whether it be baking some muffins, cupcakes or mini quiches, the Commercial Pro set will help you get it done!

So hurry and grab yourself a set! All stores are open for in-store shopping, there is Click & Collect option for safe and easy pick-up, or free Canada-wide shipping on orders over $75+! KSP helps you get organized and back into a stress-free routine. What are you waiting for?!

Kelly Wong was recently on Food Network Canada’s The Big Bake: Holiday. She works full time in a corporate office, and runs a home-based baking business specializing in fondant cakes and customized treats. She loves to share her passion for baking and singing on her Instagram account @kellysbakedgoods. Her goal is to expand the local baking community by connecting with bakers of all levels and show support for one another. Community over competition is her motto!