Bath Sale On Now: 4 Fresh New Looks

bathroom glass jars

Great deals on spa feels

Our amazing Bath Sale is on just once a year, making it the perfect time to save on daily essentials or give this busy space a welcome refresh. For a limited time, you’ll save up to 50% on our favourite bath decor, storage and essentials.

The bathroom is a simple, low-cost room to transform. Whether you want to simplify your family’s morning routine or give your bathroom a spa vibe, we have essential storage and furniture pieces you need on sale to make it happen.

Items like toiletry baskets, make-up organizers, shelves, and shower caddies don’t cost much, but they make all the difference. Since most of us start our morning routines in the bathroom, these small changes can really affect your whole day and make life a lot easier.

1. Fresh and fun

family friendly bathroom style

After hearing your feedback, along with top searched items on our site and social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest, our team has put together four trending looks you can create with our bath sale items. For condo dwellers or anyone looking to optimize space, we’ve curated items that help you save space while also showing off your style.

More than ever, our customers are interested in creating functional, family-friendly rooms and the bathroom is no exception. You can make your getting-ready routine much easier with some smart storage solutions and kid-friendly fixtures. Our ‘Fresh and Fun’ look (seen above) combines functionality with a splash of colour for a fun space even the kids will enjoy.

2. Maximalist

maximalist bathroom style

The maximalist look is all about bringing together colours and patterns you love—even those that don’t traditionally go together. Being all about comfort and enjoyment means you can’t get this one wrong. Pair a boldly patterned shower curtain like the one above with a mat or towels in a complimentary colour. It’s all about personality rather than perfection!

3. Zen

Zen bathroom style

The Zen bathroom look is about achieving the spa vibe you deserve—without the cost. Cool greys, muted prints and monochrome textiles come together to create a serene atmosphere—the perfect place to start and end your day. For this look, we’ve paired the Moda Wind Dance Shower Curtain with a Harman Luxe Bathmat in medium grey.

4. Minimalist

Minimalist bathroom look

If you’re looking to achieve the sleek, minimalist black and white look that’s trending in top home decor magazines, look no further. We’ve pulled together some of our best-selling monochrome caddies, soap dispensers, and organizers to help you transform your outdated decor and show off a contemporary minimalist bathroom that’s sure to impress.

Bath Sale on Feb 18-March 8

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The Kitchen Stuff Plus Bath Sale is on from February 18 through March 8th. Shop your favourite deals at your favourite location or shop online with us at

Looking for some inspiration to get started? Over the next three weeks, we’ll be sharing our favourite bathroom essentials and tips on how to use them. Follow along on Instagram and Pinterest for fresh ideas on how to rework the most popular and overlooked room in your home!