Step Up Your Grill Game With These BBQ Essentials

We think it’s fair to say one of the best parts about summer is barbecue. Let this summer be the one you finally step up your grill game and become a grill master, thanks to these BBQ essentials!

Just when you think pizza couldn’t get better…

stainless steel pizza paddle

Outset BBQ Pizza Paddle-Peel

Pizza in any way, shape, or form is a family night favourite. And one of the most fun parts about making pizza is preparing and baking the pizza. No need to use your oven to make this pie – throw it on the barbecue! With this pizza paddle, you can transfer pizza to the barbecue and off again without worrying about drops, spills, or burns.

Wok style veggies

non-stick wok on a grill filled with peppers

Outset BBQ Non-Stick Grill Wok

If you love barbecuing mushrooms, brussel sprouts, and other small veggies, you’ll love this grill wok! No more worrying about your food falling through the grate¬† or slipping off the tray. This wok allows you to easily toss your veggies, and is safe for the heat and flames of both gas and charcoal grills.

Grill basket for easy flipping

meat in a grill basket on top of a grill

Outset BBQ Square Grill Basket

Perhaps our easiest to use barbecue tool, this grill basket lets you grill everything from your favourite meats to veggies and anything in between. Simple place your food inside, close the tray, and flip away – no need to worry about your food slipping through!

An eco-friendly way to grill

chicken with lemon and veggies roasting on a bbq on a roast pan

Outset BBQ Non-Stick Mesh Roast Pan

Did you know you can roast on the barbecue? This mesh pan is a great way to cook your roast chicken, turkey, and more! Plus, the non-stick pan is safe for both gas and charcoal grills. Our favourite part? You cut down on single-use aluminum foil to grill your favourites.

Protect your hands

leather bbq gloves

Outset BBQ Leather Grill Glove – Set of 2

Prevent your hands from cooking while you cook on the grill! These thick leather gloves protect your hands from the heat of the grill, and let’s be honest, they’ll definitely help you look like a grilling pro.

Stylish, easy-to-use tongs & tools

bbq tongs with a rosewood handle

Outset BBQ Rosewood Handle Tongs

Flip in style this summer! These tongs feature a stylish rosewood handle and lock together when not in use so you can store them easily.

Silicone basting brush

basting brush with a rosewood handle

Outset BBQ Rosewood Handle Basting Brush

Have you ever gotten a little too close to your grill when basting? This 16″ basting brush allows you to baste your favourite foods without burning your hand over the hot grill.

Nicely contoured spatula

spatula with a rosewood handle

Outset BBQ Rosewood Handle Spatula

If barbecue is synonymous with burgers and steak, you’ll need this handy spatula! Flip your meats easily with the wide, stainless steel spatula, and the serrated edge lets you pull up meat that may be stuck to your grill.

Make the most of your summer

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