These Beverage Dispensers Make Summer Entertaining So Easy

group of beverage dispensers

Your secret weapon for easy entertaining this summer? Beverage dispensers.

These self-serve options not only take the pressure off keeping your guests refreshed and hydrated, they look amazing and are ridiculously affordable. After sharing some of our top picks, we have a few more favourites that you need to see – especially if you’re into hosting larger crowds.

1. The classic charmer

glass beverage dispenser filled with water, ice, and watermelon

Nantucket Glass Beverage Dispenser, $15.99*

If you love hosting larger groups, this is the style for you. It holds a whopping 8.5 litres of your favourite drink and looks good doing it. The locking lid and subtle design work on the glass add that charming element your guests will love. Plus, it’s truly an incredible deal at only $15.99*.

2. Elevate your easy entertaining

glass beverage dispenser fill with water, ice, lemon, and watermelon on a stand

KSP Rosedale Beverage Dispenser with Stand, $23.99*

When a beverage dispenser looks this beautiful, it’s no surprise that it’s called “Rosedale“. Similar to the Nantucket, this style holds 8 litres of your favourite drink, making it easy to serve a crowd. The fan-favourite feature here? The chrome stand that keeps the dispenser off the counter or table for easy pouring.

3. Two beverage dispensers are better than one

a set of two glass beverage dispenser on a stand, one dispenser filled with water, ice, cucumber, and mint, the other filled with juice and oranges

Southport ‘2 Jar’ Beverage Dispenser with Stand, $19.99*

Let your guests choose their drink of choice with this two jar beverage dispenser. The sturdy stand makes these jars easy to pour from and they have an adorable rustic look. This is a perfect way to offer different types of infused water or mix for your guests to choose from whether you’re entertaining outside or indoors.

4. Chalk your hosting skills up to this dynamic duo

a set of two glass beverage dispensers with chalkboard labels on a stand, one dispenser filled with water, ice, and blueberries, the other filled with water, pineapple, and blackberries

Oldtyme ‘Chalkboard’ Beverage Dispenser with Stand, $31.99*

This dispenser duo comes with a study powder coated frame, plus the chalkboard labels help your guests choose which drink they’d like. Each jar holds 4 litres, making this one of the most flexible ways to host a crowd by making it easy for your guests to cool off with the summer drinks everyone loves.

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