Celebrity Bathroom #Goals That Will Leave You Inspired

ellen degeneres celebrity bathroom

Prepare for some serious bathroom envy.

What kind of celebrity house would be complete without a luxury bathroom? We rounded up our top bathroom #goals to share with you while we dream of simply keeping our own clean and organized for an entire week.

A blank space?

Taylor Swift celebrity bathroom


Taylor Swift’s bathroom is surprisingly … simple. Although this is just one of the reportedly five homes she owns across the US, so maybe the others are a little more elaborate.

Game, set, match

Serena William's Bathroom


Tennis star Serena Williams proves her champion status with this modern bathroom with bold stripes and gold accents. You know we have to say it: She aced it.

The Obama’s ‘white’ room

Obama's Bathroom


From the White House to a pristine marble and white bathroom, there’s no debate that this bathroom in the Obamas’ new home is pure class.

Ellen and Portia’s zen retreat

Ellen bathroom


A bath with a view! Ellen and Portia’s bathroom creates the perfect serene atmosphere. This is actual dreamworld stuff.

A bathroom fit for a princess

Meghan Markle celebrity bathroom

Photo: Freeman Real Estate LTD. Brokerage

Before becoming engaged to Prince Harry, this simple bathroom is where Meghan Markle got all glammed up. Note to self: Clean bathrooms lead to good things.

(Really) going for the gold

cameron diaz bathroom


Not 100% sure what to make of Cameron Diaz’s bathroom here. Main takeaway: She likes black and gold.

It’s a touchdown

tom brady bathroom


Breaking news: Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen have good taste. From airy windows, to the wooden shower or the marble countertops – this celebrity bathroom wins on all fronts.

Best for last



Who else but Jennifer Lopez could have this bathroom? Somehow it’s extravagant and classic at the same time. Way to nail it, JLo.

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