7 Creative And Beautiful Gift Wrapping Ideas You’ll Love

It feels so satisfying to complete all of your Christmas shopping, but the fun doesn’t have to stop there… I’m talking about gift wrapping!

I love to be creative and transform an ordinary box into something pretty. If you’re stuck for ideas and need some inspiration, I created 8 different ways to make your gifts look fabulous. All are easily achievable too! Kitchen Stuff Plus has a great selection of gift bags, wrapping paper and ornaments, which make it easy to grab all the supplies you need in one stop. Time to throw on some Christmas music, pour yourself a drink and get your wrapping on!

1. Use ornaments to decorate your gifts


Christmas Natura Wood Ornaments on sale from $1.49

Give your gift a little face-lift by using ornaments. It’s something so easy and simple that will make your gift really stand out. Plus who doesn’t love a little extra keepsake to have, especially if you choose an ornament that represents their personality or something related to their favourite hobby. Kitchen Stuff Plus has the best ornament selection!

2. Add your own personal touch

ornament wrap3

Gingerbread Kid Ornaments, $3.99 each

Use craft paper and a marker to personalize your own gift-wrap. Skip a nametag and integrate it right onto the paper. You can achieve this by writing a popular Christmas lyric, a small holiday greeting or even just their name in big letters. The neutral brown of the craft paper will act as a blank canvas for your creative touches.  Have fun with it and go all out on the ribbon and ornaments! How cute are these gingerbread men and reindeer I used to top my gifts?

3. How to hack unusually shaped items

candy wrap2 gift wrapping

Wrapping Paper, $4.99

Anything with curved edges or asymmetrical shapes, such as candles or beauty products, are difficult to wrap cleanly. I suggest wrapping those kinds of shapes like large pieces of candy. Pinch the ends and tie some sparkly ribbon to hold it in place. Use the edge of your scissors to curl the ends of the ribbons.

candy wrap

To make the gift resemble a real piece of candy, I used bright, colourful wrapping paper and used sweet-themed ornaments to top it off!

4. Candy cane wine bags

wine gift bag 2 gift wrapping

Christmas Heavyweight Bottle Gift Bag, $1.99 each

These candy cane wine gift bags are extra “sweet”!  They are heavy duty and made to carry larger and heavier wine bottles.  The inside is lined, which is a nice little touch.  To add to the outside, you can DIY a candy cane heart tag.

wine gift bag

To make the heart: hot glue two candy canes onto a piece of craft paper in a heart shape.  Cut off the excess paper, poke a whole at the top and weave a piece of string through.  Write their name in the centre of the heart.

5. Tea towels are great to wrap with, too

tea towel wrap

Christmas 3-piece tea towel sets, $7.99 each

Holiday tea towels are a great way to be eco-friendly! If your gifts are small in size and related to the kitchen department, this would be the perfect way to maintain a consistent theme.

tea towel wrap2

Cookie Cutter, Set of 18, $11.99

I am gifting some cake mix this year, so I wrapped them in shiny plaid tea towels and topped them off with cookie cutters and measuring spoons.

6. Make a gift basket

giftbasket gift wrapping

Linus Storage Bin, $14.99

I love the clear storage bins from Kitchen Stuff Plus and I thought of a creative way to use them as a gift basket. You can either cut wrapping paper or use a tea towel to line the inside of the bin to make them look festive. Add a pretty bow and you just made a custom bin that can be used all year round! 

7. Gift card tins

gift card tin

Gift Card Holders, $2.99 each

Instead of throwing a gift card into a greeting card, put it in a fancy little tin.  The tins are convenient, but stylish and helps keep the gift card a mystery.  It’s not necessary to wrap them as they come in different colours with fun patterns. For some extra “bling”, you can add a mini pull bow on top!

Well that’s a WRAP!  I hope you enjoyed my gift-wrapping ideas and found some inspiration.  Spread the joy by gifting thoughtful presents.  Happy Holidays!

Looking for more inspiration?

Gift card tin2

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Your one-stop shop for holiday hosting, gifting and gift wrapping is Kitchen Stuff Plus. Visit us in-store or shop online to take care of everything you need for an amazing Christmas and holiday season.

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