Easy Ideas For A Non-Traditional Thanksgiving That Your Guests Will Love!

So you really want to host Thanksgiving this year and show off your inner domestic goddess. But let’s get serious. You don’t want to slave away in the kitchen all day. We all don’t. So I’m here to help you be the hostess with the mostess without your legs feeling like they’re about to fall off!

Let’s start with the basics. There are three things that are guaranteed to make this dinner a success:

  • Food to occupy your guests while you’re setting the table
  • Starter, main and a side that are delicious and easy to prepare
  • Platters that will make your table look elegant & beautiful without much effort

1. Cheeseboards

So your guests are starting to trickle in, and you want to keep them happy and entertained while you’re in the kitchen serving up your delicious food. Why not serve up a beautiful cheese tray? I mean, who doesn’t love cheese? The basics of any cheeseboard are 2-3 types of cheese, and some crostini or crackers. But I also love to make sure there’s something sweet, something crunchy, and something salty to satisfy all the taste buds. The Bamboo and porcelain cheese tray that I used is absolutely perfect because it has different sections to add your treats and the necessary tools yours guests will need to help themselves!

thanksgiving cheeseboards

2. Caramelized onion and mushroom bruschetta

Now onto the main part of the night: dinner! When I think of hosting any type of dinner, I try to keep things simple and stick to food that is quick to prepare and loved by all. That automatically makes me think of bruschetta as a starter. But skip the classic tomato topping and opt for more fall inspired flavours, like this caramelized onion and mushroom bruschetta, topped with feta cheese and fresh dill. I served mine in this 3-tier plate that showcases these beauties perfectly!

Caramelized onion and mushroom bruschetta                 

3. Mediterranean-style couscous and salmon

Mediterranean-style couscous and salmon

For the main course, don’t feel like you absolutely have to make a Turkey! Go for something non-traditional and easy to make. My go-to quick and easy protein is always Salmon, and here I’ve served it over some Mediterranean style couscous cooked in onions and raisins, and topped with crunchy almonds. Be sure to style your dish with some vegetables and fresh herbs to add colour. The porcelain oval platter is perfect because it’s big and gives you lots of room to style your dish and pile on that goodness!

4. Roasted tahini carrots

Carrots with the green tops

As for your side, pick a beautiful vegetable that is in season, such as these carrots with the green tops. I simply roast my vegetables and make sure I add my favourite spices to take them up a notch. Here I’ve added some cinnamon, salt, pepper and honey, and I topped them with a creamy yoghurt-tahini sauce and almonds. You wouldn’t know that it took me about 10 minutes, and serving them in the plank porcelain platter makes them look so elegant.

So how about those ideas? Trust me, you won’t be spending more than a few hours in the kitchen, and your guests will be wondering how on earth you pulled off such an impressive spread! So go on, send out those dinner invites – you won’t regret it.

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Amina Al-Saigh

Amina is an engineer and a full time working mom. She has a passion for creating easy and healthy recipes for busy mothers, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle for her family! Her recipes are often full of veggies and colours and she also loves experimenting with food photography. Shares her recipes and photos on Instagram @hungrypaprikas Through her account, she hopes to help young women and mothers to maintain a healthy life for their families and also make time to achieve their dreams!