Lunch Prep You Can Actually Achieve In Real Life – Mom Rant Style

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, BACK TO SCHOOL!!

I rejoice at the thought of my eldest child entering Grade 1 but I have had nightmares in regards to preparing his lunches and I know, I’m not the only one! That’s until I walked into a Kitchen Stuff Plus store and found everything to make my life EASY for back to school meal prep/lunch ideas.

You see, being a MOM of 3 is tough – let’s be honest, being a MOM/DAD/parent of any kind (period) is HARD WORK. Our TIME is limited so that’s why I’ve chosen EASY tools to make this back to school experience a great one for my son and for me.

Balancing easy lunch prep with picky eaters

Let me begin by saying it’s not just about making things EASY but also creating CREATIVE ways of presenting food to my son. He’s the picky eater in the family. He basically sticks to THREE (3) food groups: Dairy, Vegetables and Chicken Salad (does that count as its own food group? ;)) I knew that would add difficulty to my quest at making the process EASY but fret not, I found the solution! Thanks to the incredible and knowledgeable employees at Kitchen Stuff Plus!

Just as I began the LIVE takeover for Kitchen Stuff Plus (watch me demo all my favourites below!), I highlighted the products that will make life EASY.

Today I’ve chosen to show you my Top 10 picks for EASY meal prep/lunch ideas!!

1. OXO Pop cereal dispenser

I started with the OXO (pronounced “Ox-Oh”) Good Grips Pop 4.3L Cereal Storage Dispensers, and I love the push down mechanism that makes it EASY even for the tiniest of hands to hold and pour! Yay to the kids preparing their own breakfast!!

2. KSP Fresh milk bag dispenser

milk-holder lunch prep

My next favourite item that I grabbed was the KSP Fresh Milk Bag Dispenser: This is a LIFE-CHANGING item people! You can write the expiry date on the front with a dry erase marker!! Another EASY tool to make your meal planning a success!

3. Cuisinart electric can opener

The next product is something that I know I NEEDED but until I used it, I never dreamt it was possible – no more finger cuts or jammed cans with the Cuisinart Can Opener. This is a stainless steel beauty that opens cans for you!! Super EASY to remove once opened and a breeze to clean. Another way to make your life simpler when meal prepping!

4. Locksy Click’n’go containers

I found the Locksy Click ‘N’ Go line to be perfectly sized/portioned for sending lunches and snacks for school.

The largest size I picked was 440 ml and I have to tell you, I was able to fit in three different mini sized sandwiches in triangle shapes. My son LOVED what I created for him. SUPER EASY to do in a short amount of time. Little fingers can open the secure snap-lock lid, that’s a definite BONUS. It’s also BPA-free!!

I also LOVED the Locksy Click ‘N’ Go Snack + Dip Container: This is perfect for sending vegetables to school (think carrot and celery sticks) + you can include a dip or spread – my choice is hummus for some extra protein! Such a great item to have and the kids will LOVE dipping their vegetables into something! I’ve learned with my son that when you make the experience fun, he eats way better. That’s my advice to all of you!!

5. Fuel snack pods with freezer lids


Fuel Snack Pod with Lid, $6.99

During the LIVE, everyone loved the Fuel Snack Pods with Freezer Lids: The beauty of this product, is that inside the lid, is a removable ice pack that keeps your food cold. Honestly, this is revolutionary.

Its small size allows it to fit perfectly into lunch bags and makes it EASY for little hands to open and eat happily. My two snack pods had Mac & Cheese and Yogurt. Both great food options for my picky eater.

6. KSP Chop N Wash Poly Cutting Board with Colander

93042-001 chop n wash cutting board lunch prep

This KSP cutting board with a built-in colander was also a huge hit. I’ve never seen a cutting board like this before. It allows you to wash/strain and cut produce over the sink all in one fell swoop. It makes for LESS mess and the colander collapses for EASY storage. (And it’s only $14.99!)

7. Avengers Infinity Lunch Bag by Thermos

92967-001 avengers lunch bag

Thermos Licensed ‘Avengers Infinity’ Insulated Novelty Lunch Bag, $11.99

My son LOVES Avengers! When I spotted the Avengers Infinity Lunch Bag, I knew I had to have it. It has two separate zippered compartments that fit all of the items above + other snacks. It has plenty of room and it’s EASY for little fingers to open.

8. Thermos Funtainers

In terms of water bottles I knew that I was in the right place at Kitchen Stuff Plus. They have so many different sizes, shapes and themes. I knew I couldn’t just buy for one son, the others would have been upset, so I bought three Thermos double-wall FUNTAINERS!!

Just like the product name, these water bottles are so fun! Push button lid with a reusable straw makes it super EASY for kids to use. I also love how the straw comes out so easily for speedy cleaning. These stainless steel, double wall FUNTAINERS are the perfect water bottle to send with your kids to school!

9 – Umbra Flip Wall Hook

I also picked up the Umbra Flip 3-Peg Wall Hook because I’m sick and tired of tripping over all the bags at the front of the door. This is an efficient product (the flip hooks upward when not in use) and also looks really great and it was EASY to install.

10. Thermos water bottle just for me

All this back-to-school shopping and I had to grab myself something, so I picked up the Thermos Thermax Water Bottle with Sipper Lid and it’s a beauty!! I love the wide mouth opening and EASY snap function.

Most of all, I love that it can carry any liquid I want. #momjuice 🤣

Wishing you an amazing back-to-school shopping experience at Kitchen Stuff Plus!



Sandra Zichermann

Sandra Zichermann is the founder of The MOM Rant, a Facebook group of 12k+ highly engaged MOMS and MOMS-to-be who rant and rave freely. The MOM Rant is also a podcast available here. You can follow Sandra on Instagram at @themomrant and visit her website