Everything You Need To Refresh Your Laundry Room

I pride myself in having tidy and organized cupboards and drawers. An organized space not only declutters the area, but also the mind.

My laundry room has been a space I just haven’t spent a lot of time on, but I was ready to change that! I wanted behind my cabinet doors to be as aesthetically pleasing as the rest of the room. So naturally I went to my go-to one-stop shop, Kitchen Stuff Plus, where they have a large selection of baskets, canisters, and my favourite clear acrylic containers. Kitchen Stuff Plus has everything anyone would ever need to help get organized easily while enhancing the overall aesthetics.

Let’s face it, there is nothing beautiful about laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, and spray bottles; however if they are placed in the right containers they can certainly be visually appealing. The iDesign Linus containers is perfect for those types of items. My bleach has never looked so good!

I picked up a couple of the iDesign Clarity Cosmetic & Vanity organizers for small utility items, like batteries. I love having a stocked supply on hand in the house, and this makes it easy to do a quick inventory of what I may be low on. I also used the same type of container for my pet grooming items and various pet supplies.

The iDesign Clarity 2-Drawer Wide Organizers are perfect for smaller items, like hooks, furniture leg felt pads and glue. I also love that they are stackable, making them perfect for space saving.

The KSP Ashley Stacking Wire Baskets have an endless number of possibilities to help keep me organized. I’ll never misplace a vacuum attachment again. I used the same basket for my dusters and handles. Simply taking things out of their package makes everything more beautiful, in my opinion. My design trained eye also loves the variety of material in my cabinets to add character and a mix of texture, like with these wire baskets.

Last, but not least, the glass canisters have to be my favourite item – they are where beauty and function meet! I’ve lost count of how many I have throughout my home. These glass canisters come in several different sizes. I’ve used them in the kitchen for food storage, in the bathroom for bath bombs and salts and in the laundry room to display some items on my countertop, such as dryer balls and powered detergent for quick access. I’ve also placed a couple inside the cabinet for scented laundry beads and magic erasers.

I hope I’ve not only inspired you to think outside the box with the types of organizing containers that can be used, but to also see a room that isn’t known to be the most glamorous a little differently.

Lori Dedato is a mom of 2 adult children. Her son and daughter have always been her main focus alongside building a successful career in Interior Design. She’s found a love for sharing her tricks of the trade on Instagram @LoriDedato. Her posts consist of client projects, the process of building and styling her own new build, organizing tips and other lifestyle content in hopes of inspiring others, with a bonus glimpse of her family, friends and her silly Rottweiler dog.