Simple Ways to Make Your Family Bathroom More Functional

The ‘master bathroom’ very quickly turned into the family bathroom in our house. I’m more than okay with that because it gives me time to shower, prep and just get ready for the day all while ensuring the young kiddies are close by and (somewhat) occupied.

Here are a few tips and tricks that will make sure the family bathroom is a functional and enjoyable space for the entire crew.

Keep the clutter contained

chrome shower caddy filled with bath essentials

InterDesign Classico 2 Shower Caddy

My kids get into EVERYTHING. A good part of my day is spent cleaning up the same items all over the house more times than I will ever admit. Bathroom items tend to be a little trickier to clean up after (and some quite unsafe).

In our family bathroom shower, we use a shower caddy to keep all things off the ground. Not only does it ensure razors, shampoos, etc. are out of little hands reach it keeps the bathroom always looking clean and organized. You can find a huge assortment of shower caddies that meets your every need at Kitchen Stuff Plus.

3 piece soap pump, toothbrush holder and tumbler set

Avanti Acrylic Bath Accessory Combo – Set of 3

On the counter, I like to keep only a couple of key pieces to help us stay mess free and organized. This bath accessory trio has everything we need – a clean place for our toothbrushes, a bathroom tumbler and soap pump. Anything else we try to keep tucked away in drawers. With me, less is more. When the family bathroom is clean, it is so much more inviting and less dangerous for the little ones.

Keep them busy

child sitting on a microfiber bath mat

Harman Hotel Plush Microfiber Bathmat

It’s crucial for me to keep the little guy close so I can watch him. I like to squeeze in every minute of time with my older bub before he’s off to school for the day. I use a collapsible storage bin with special bathroom toys, that I rotate and add to every so often.

As soon as we get into the washroom, they settle down on our super plush and cozy microfiber bathmats which are so convenient and machine washable! My kids sprawl out all over them. They grab the bin and get so excited to play with all toys. Not to mention, they spend this time playing together and laughing the entire time.

Simplicity is key

white waffle shower curtain

Moda At Home Polyester ‘Waffle’ Shower Curtain

I like keeping the bathroom squeaky clean since kids seem to get into every single crevice possible. A washable and durable shower curtain has been fundamental. I can toss it in the wash every couple of weeks to keep it white and bright. I find using simple hooks to hang it make it a much less tedious task. You can take it off and hang up in just a few short moments.

I love having quality time with the family in every moment. I like to ensure all areas of the house are geared up and kid friendly. And by kid friendly, I mean, having a few tricks up my sleeve to keep their little hands and minds occupied when need be.

Here’s to clean, calm mornings

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Danielle Perciballi

Danielle is a mama of 3 and entrepreneur. She is the creator of life of macs which explores parenthood and lifestyle from a genuine place. Offering conscientious perspective on products, healthy alternatives, nutritious food (with a splash of vegan), DIY and all things that simplify family life. Follow along the journey at @lifeofmacs.