This Underrated Patio Piece Is This Year’s Must-Have Outdoor Accessory

ksp fenton umbrella with lights

Just like every summer has a hit song, every summer has a must-have accessory. And no, we’re not talking fashion (although what we are talking about does look quite good, we must admit). This summer, add a little light to your life with the KSP Fenton LED solar patio umbrella!

Light up the night

grey ksp fenton with LED lights on

Bright white LED lighting illuminate the patio on the Fenton Patio Umbrella

There’s no need to call it a night once the sun goes down. The thing we love most about the Fenton Patio Umbrella is the built-in LED lights! Just switch the on/off switch to “on” and watch each spine of the umbrella light up with bright white LED lights so you can keep the party going! ✨

And there’s no need for a plug – the LED lights are solar powered! The lights collect energy from the sun during the day so they can stay lit all night long (no extension cord required). Just be sure to set it outside for at least 8 hours to generate ~maximum~ power.

Throw some shade


grey ksp fenton umbrella tilted

Fenton Patio Umbrella tilts to block out the sun

Summer is all about sun, but don’t you hate when you’re trying to have a bite to eat and the sun is right in your eye? We’ve got a simple solution! Just tilt the patio umbrella to your desired angle and block out the sun at any time of day. It’s the easiest way to stay cool. 😎

Standing tall with Fenton

grey ksp fenton umbrella tilted

KSP Fenton LED Solar Patio Umbrella *base not included

The Fenton Patio Umbrella stands at 224 cm (over 8′) tall and 259 cm (almost 8 1/2′) wide! That’s enough shade for any space, whether you’re using it on your patio, in your backyard, or at the cottage.

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