This Skrapr Duo Will Clean All Your Sticky Situations

apple tarte tatin - skrapr gadget of the week

The Skrapr is basically a magic wand.

Whether you need to remove unwanted food from a surface, help pry something open or even remove ice from your rearview mirrors, this handy duo is your best friend. Read on to learn why this tool has gained a cult following that people swear by!

What does the Skrapr do?

This multipurpose tool comes in two sizes to help you with all sorts of kitchen and household tasks.

By far, the best part is that you can trust it. That’s mostly due to its patented and proprietary resin formula, meaning it won’t scratch up smooth surfaces.


With very little effort, you can remove bits of stuck on food, sticky labels or paint from all kinds of surfaces. The bigger size is great to keep on-hand, especially in the winter, it can be great for de-icing surfaces.

The smaller tool will help with any smaller spaces, including getting in between cracks.

More great news – both are dishwasher safe and designed to last.

Great ways to gift

The Skraper duo is that ‘exactly what you didn’t know you need’ tool that’s perfect for someone starting out in their new place.

The “Small But Mighty” Skrapr Tool Kit

Pair it with a few other must-have gadgets for a themed housewarming gift.

Some of our top picks are:

The “Let It Bake On” Gift Pack

With the Skrapers included in your gift pack, it’s a fun way to gift a new piece of bakeware or cookware with a recipe book and some tea towels. The Skrapers can definitely come in handy for de-sticking things like this versatile Lodge cast iron pan with tons of five-star reviews.

'Hedgehog' Ceramic Spoon Rest

‘Hedgehog’ Ceramic Spoon Rest, $5.99

Pair it with a cute spoon rest for a gift any cook in your life would love to receive.

Recipes you need to try

Basil buttered steaks



We love cast iron cooking for its versatility, but there are often some leftover stuck-on bits left to deal with after making something like steak. With the Skrapr, you don’t have to worry. Try this delicious recipe out on a night you want to make something to impress.

Roast chicken with harissa and schmaltz



Similarly, any saucy cooking can leave you thinking about the mess after instead of what could be an amazing meal. This chicken is prepared with brine and the schmaltz-glaze is really what makes it so satisfying. Try this recipe fear-free knowing you have the perfect clean-up tool for afterwards!

Apple tarte tatin

apple tarte - easy clean with skrapr

Dessert is served easily when you have the Skrapr to help you out. This classic dessert is prepared by slowing baking the apples and covering them with an indulgent mix of coconut sugar, cream and of course, butter.

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