The TubShroom That Makes For Clog-Free Showers


The Tubshroom is that tiny gadget that’ll transform so much.

Essentially, what it does is keep your drains clear and free of any clogs, in a simple, easy way. Nobody loves to think about what a mess and pain shower clogs can be, which is why the Tubshroom is a perfect solution. Unlike other options, this gadget fits into your drain and collects hair around it, so you don’t have to look at it and it’s easy to clean afterwards.

Additional features and benefits

tubshroom gadget

As Seen On TV Tubshroom, $14.99*

Along with the main function of keeping your drain safe (without you having to look at any eyesores), the Tubshroom is a total favourite for anyone with a pet. You don’t have to worry about pet fur clogging the drains, it’s so easy to just wipe this gadget down after your pet’s bathtime!

The convenient size fits standard bathtub and kitchen drains, all you have to do is plug it in!

Watch the video to see the TubShroom in action

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