Here’s Why This Artisan Wine Aerator Will Make Your Wine Taste Better

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A wine aerator is a must-have gadget for anyone who enjoys a glass or wine or hosting friends and family.

Why use a wine aerator?

Wine aerators help improve the taste of wine by allowing air to circulate through the wine and “open” up the aromas and flavours.

Exposing the wine to air is why you see some people swirl wine in their glasses. This aerator takes that step away, as you simple place it into the top of the bottle. When you pour, the wine travels through the gadget, enhancing the flavour once it reaches your glass.

wine aerator

KSP Artisan Wine Aerator, $4.99

At just $4.99, this is the perfect gadget to try at home, or to add on as a gift. Simply pair it with a nice set of wine glasses and a bottle of wine for a lovely gift.

snowflake wine glasses -

Cheers ‘Snowflake’ Stemless Wine Glass – Set of 4, $9.99

We love this festive set of stemless wine glasses – so versatile for gifts and holiday entertaining.

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