Get Your Entryway Holiday-Ready

Setting up your front porch for the holidays is super easy and simple with Kitchen Stuff Plus! Every year, they come out with timeless pieces and I scored these beautiful wreaths (and didn’t forget the bags for easy storing) for my front door. I wanted that trio wreath look on my front door this year so I picked up 3, zip tied together by their rings and added velvet ribbon and a bow on top to create the final look. I love that neutral, simple and modern look because it could last throughout the entire winter season without being overly festive after Christmas Day. I love my classic new coir mat that says “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” and the lanterns with the garland inside to add that simple yet festive touches to the porch.


I create mini villages every year during Christmas time and these white mini villages are a classic and timeless piece to have in any setting. You can put this as a coffee table centerpiece, on shelves, on front console tables and so much more. I love the clean classic look it offers and it’s so much prettier when lit at night. 




Jocelyn Tamin

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