Hit Refresh On Your Pantry

I’m not sure there is a more satisfying space to organize then the pantry.

When designing my dream walk-in pantry space I wanted open shelving to display beautiful kitchen items and cookbooks, but also food and baking essentials for quick access without compromising aesthetics. As some of you know, my go-to place for everything I need to achieve my organization vision is Kitchen Stuff Plus.

On my open shelving I used the OXO Food Containers. The white lids work perfectly with my colour palette. This Italian family goes through a lot of pasta and rice so what I would have on the shelves for a quick grab was an easy choice.

The glass canisters have a fresh seal lid, so they are perfect to have on my counter for baking and cooking ingredients. I also have a few of the smaller size in my cupboard to keep a well stocked hot chocolate bar. They are so beautiful. In the winter months I pull them out to have on display on the counter.

With back to school and the holiday season fast approaching, I’ve turned my focus on having the closed storage spaces in the pantry be as equally organized.

The OXO Food Containers and the iDesign clear containers come in a large variety of sizes. It was so easy to maximize almost every available space in my pull out drawers. A little tip: have a couple of empty food containers available for flexibility and for those times when you have more food items then you do ordinarily.

There are so many benefits to having all of these types of containers:

  1. Easy, quick grab for those lunch snacks. We could all use a couple of extra minutes in the
  2.  The sealed containers keep things fresh longer and save on grocery costs. How many
    times have we thrown food away because the bag wasn’t sealed properly?
  3.  The content is very visible so making that grocery list is fast and convenient.
  4.  I love the oils and vinegars placed in clear containers. If there is ever a little spill it won’t
    damage the cabinet. The container can be pulled out for a quick rinse.
  5. This is my most favourite… it all looks so good!!!

I used the KSP Ashley Stacking Wire Baskets in a drawer for things like potatoes, onions and garlic. They are also available in a few different sizes. They would look beautiful left out stacked anywhere in the kitchen or pantry space on the counter or floor.

I want to end by saying that you don’t have to have a walk-in pantry to implement these types of organization items. Any drawer or cupboard using these items will be tidy, beautiful and less cluttered.

Lori Dedato is a mom of 2 adult children. Her son and daughter have always been her main focus alongside building a successful career in Interior Design. She’s found a love for sharing her tricks of the trade on Instagram @LoriDedato. Her posts consist of client projects, the process of building and styling her own new build, organizing tips and other lifestyle content in hopes of inspiring others, with a bonus glimpse of her family, friends and her silly Rottweiler dog.