Making It Easy To Host The Perfect Christmas Breakfast

I love celebrating the holidays with a special breakfast. Whether it’s Christmas morning, or a late breakfast with friends who were invited to wear their pj’s and come over. Breakfast parties are a favourite of mine since they don’t tie up the whole day, and breakfast foods are a real crowd-pleaser with everyone.

The first step is to welcome friends with a great drink. Put on a pot of coffee, but how about an extra special Christmas drink? Morning mimosas.

Mix half a glass of orange juice with half a glass of sparkling wine for the perfect morning treat. How beautiful are these Bormioli Rocco Planeo Champagne Flutes? I love their modern shape and design. Guests will feel extra special with a mimosa as their welcoming drink.

For breakfast we made two of our very favourites – crepes and Dutch baby pancakes. And we included lots of fresh berries and maple syrup for both.

We baked our Dutch baby pancake in the perfect cast iron skillet from Kitchen Stuff Plus. The cast iron skillet is ideal for making these delicious, puffy pancakes that bake in the oven. They’re quite quick, easy to make and always a hit with friends. 

The other favourite we served at our breakfast were crepes. The Starfrit Starlite Non-Stick Crepiere Pan is perfect for making crepes. Its non-stick surface, and low sides make it absolutely ideal for crepe making. It would be a great gift for the budding chef on your Christmas list this year too. We spread our batter with the wood crepe spreader, which made us feel like we were really in Paris! And when it came time to flip them, the silicone large turner worked wonderfully.

Recipe: Sweet Crepes


1 cup milk
1/2 cup lukewarm water
4 large eggs

1 cup all-purpose flour
4 tablespoons butter, melted
3 tablespoons sugar
1 pinch salt



Combine all the ingredients in a blender or food processor, and process until smooth. Let stand for 30 minutes before cooking, or cover and refrigerate for up to 2 days.

To cook the crepes, melt a little butter over medium heat in the crepe pan. Pour a little batter into the pan and then use the wood crepe scraper to coat the bottom in a thin layer of batter. Cook a few minutes until the crepe bottom is just lightly browned. Flip crepe with spatula. Cook on the other side until browned slightly. Stack and serve. Makes about 12-20 depending on the size.

Along with our crepes and Dutch baby pancakes we served some bacon. The KSP Savour Ceramic Entertainment Pack is perfect for holiday entertaining with lots of different sized platters and bowls for serving in.

We also served some fresh berries in the Christmas Gleam Porcelain Bowls with Tray and Spoons. Aren’t the little spoons with the gold on the ends sweet? And so perfect for any holiday entertaining or as a hostess gift.

On the table, I used the big buck table runner. I love the silver deer heads, great for Christmas and all winter long. We’ve added a little Christmas sparkle with the beautiful wood star lights, and the LED lights. And to make things a little simpler we kept this breakfast casual. Guests can sit in the living room, and keep coming back to help themselves all morning. Pretty paper napkins are beautiful and help make clean up easy.

This simple holiday breakfast is perfect for entertaining over Christmas, or for your own family on Christmas morning. This sweet crepe recipe is a favourite that you will use time and time again –for breakfast or for a special dessert. I hope you enjoy it, and that it makes your holidays extra special.

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Dannyelle Nicolle-Ramjist

Dannyelle is a blogger from Toronto, Canada. She loves to blog about entertaining, home decor, recipes, and DIYs. She always says life is what we make it, so we may as well make it a party! She loves to inspire others to entertain more at home with simple ideas to welcome friends and family into their homes and ultimately into their lives. You can visit her blog or follow her on Instagram at @lifeisaparty.