How To Create A Keto-Friendly Kitchen

If you’re on the keto diet, then you know how much easier it is to follow when your keto-friendly snacks are easily available and ready to eat. We’re sharing how you can organize your favourite low-carb snacks and make your keto-friendly kitchen functional.

1. Keep your eggs ready to use

clear egg holder in the fridge with eggs

KSP Fridge Stor Egg Holder, $7.99

Eggs are an extremely healthy and keto-friendly food! Low in carbs and high in protein, you’ll likely find yourself eating eggs every day, if not every meal. This egg holder holds 14 eggs so you can quickly grab how many you need. Plus, since the containers clear, you’ll always know when you’re running low on this keto-friendly staple.

2. A multi-compartment container

large glass container with a divider

KSP Divided Glass 1.5L Storage Container, $11.99

This divided glass container is perfect for keeping foods separate! We love filling one side with cheese cubes and the other with deli meats as an easy keto snack.

3. Store your keto snacks

small clear container with condiments, keto-friendly kitchen snacks

Fridge Stor ‘Small’ Deep Bin, $5.99

A small container such as this one is great for keeping your keto-friendly kitchen snacks organized, especially meat sticks and cheese sticks!

4. Yogurt to-go

yogurt containers with yogurt and granola, one blue and one green

Joie On The Go Double Wall Yogurt Container, $6.99

Did you know plain Greek yogurt is super high in protein and keto-friendly? Combine some with nuts and other sugar-free toppings for a delicious snack. And with an on-the-go yogurt container, you can prep a few of these in advance and take them when needed.

5. Keto-friendly kitchen storage

glass canisters with lids and chalkboard labels, keto-friendly kitchen storage

Chalkboard Glass Canister with Lid – Set of 4, $11.99

Keep your nuts, seeds, and keto-approved flours on hand with a set of four chalkboard glass canisters! Plus, you’ll never forget what’s what when everything is labeled.

Searching for more keto-friendly ideas?

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