How To Keep Your Zen In A Shared Bathroom Space

Bath Event - Mother and child

I’m going to weave a little tale for you here… and stop me if you’ve heard this before.

It’s late in the evening. You finally get the kids in bed (so you basically deserve a medal), you manage to squeak out a few undisturbed moments at the end of your day, and you jump at the chance for a hot bath to unwind. You make your way to the bathroom, trip over three bath toys on the way there, set your book down on the side of the tub – in a puddle of water your kids lovingly poured there during their bath time, pick up your soggy book and finally ease yourself down in the tub, only to lean your head back on a freaking rubber duck.

Guys, this is basically a story ripped from the headlines of my life (yep… this exciting little tidbit is headline material around here). And it was time I realized that the bathroom I share with my kids if officially no longer my relaxation space.

So, friends, it’s time to do something about it.

I’m determined to find a way to have the bathroom function as a fun space to bathe my kiddos and keep it organized and serene enough to be my happy place again. So, here’s my plan:

Add some matching baskets for ‘hidden’ storage

Everyday Jute Closet Collection 'Medium' Storage Tote grey

When it comes to the array of neon bath toys, I take an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ mentality. I need to find a way to easily tuck away the toys and other items we have in the bathroom (my hair dryer, make-up, etc.) and these jute-style totes are up for the job.

They’re wipeable, durable, and fit perfectly in our bathroom cabinet.

Let my bath mat double as a kneeling pad

If you’re bathing kids, you know that you’re going to spend a whack of time kneeling beside your tub. My goal is to be comfortable, but also create the look of a serene adult space. Enter this white memory foam bath mat. Super comfy on your knees, and a gorgeous accent for your space.

Keep pretty jewels away from tiny hands

I’m often taking off my jewelry in our bathroom at the end of the day, as I’m getting ready for bed. Now that we’re sharing a bathroom with a tiny toddler tornado (who’s got a fascination with the toilet), having a safe place to stow away your pretties is essential.

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My plan is to tuck this fab jewelry organizer (shown above) in a drawer, drop everything in there and slide the drawer shut before the toddler even knows what hit him.

Have a little something just for me

88441 (3) umbra aquala bamboo bathtub caddy

Let’s face it. Moms share just about everything. Our food, our hugs, our personal space, our energy… and the list goes on. If the bathroom is your happy place, then find a little something to add to the space that’s just for you. I’m all about adding this amaaaaazing bamboo bath caddy to my space. I’ll tuck it in the linen closet, and only pull it out for my own bath time. Add a book, a glass of wine, and a snack… and I’m one happy mama.

I’m starting to realize this motherhood thing is all about balance. And finding ways to keep a little ‘me’ in our shared space might be just the boost we need. Right mamas?


Kate Wallace

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