Iced Coffee Recipes To Help You Cool Off This Summer

Iced Coffee with cream being poured in

There are tons of ways you can change up your iced coffee. From juices to milk alternatives there are a variety of recipes out there to spice up your cup while staying cool. We made a list of our top 3 recipes to help you cool off this summer!

A Tropical Twist

Escape to the tropics with this Iced Tropical Caramel Coffee.  Just add coconut water and pineapple chunks to your regular method and you are good to go.

Coconut Iced Coffee

This creamy iced coffee is the perfect way to change up your regular cup. Brew your favourite nespresso coffee, add coconut milk and ice for a rich and creamy taste.

Caffè Shakerato

This one is a refreshing way to wake up! The intense drink is made from a limited edition Nespresso blend that is packed with flavour.

For more creative ways to put your coffee on ice this summer, check out more Nespresso iced coffee recipes here.

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