ICYMI: All Your Favourite Reads From 2018


As we dive into a new year, we’re looking back at what 2018 brought us, including this blog space! We’re celebrating one year here, and are so happy to have welcomed you and so many amazing contributors and experts to our ever-growing world.

We wanted a space to share daily inspiration with you about all the things we love: food, organizing and quality ways that help you and your families get through each day with more smiles.

Along with the ‘3 things to know‘ series focused on our Warehouse Sales and event promotions, here are the 18 most popular things you enjoyed reading in 2018:

  1. #1. When we turned 25 and you joined our huge party

    Our 25th anniversary sale was a huge hit, and included our first celebrity appearance: Ricardo!

  2. #2. That time we announced a NEW warehouse sale was coming to Brampton

    That’s right. We opened the doors to a second warehouse sale at Brampton’s Shoppers World Mall. Stay tuned to hear when our doors will be open next! These time-limited sales are the best time to get in on our most exclusive, one-of-a-kind deals.

  3. #3. Beer can chicken made all of our summers so much better

    Our most popular recipe round up of the year is a summertime classic: Beer Can Chicken. Come for the easy recipes, stay for the cute videos.

  4. #4. We completely understand that one of the best feelings in the world is a totally organized fridge

    organized fridge

    Friends don’t let friends hide their excitement about the joy of a nicely organized fridge, and everyone could not get enough of these genius ideas to maximize fridge space by lifestyle expert @HonestlyAlexandra.

  5.  #5. When you’re entertaining for the holidays, ‘easy’ is the golden word

    Food blogger @HungryPaprikas shared her ideas and recipes for easy, non-traditional Thanksgiving appetizers and sides that we are still drooling over and can definitely be made all year.

  6. #6. Actually cool and helpful gifts under $20 are where it’s at

    We love helping people find a gift that will really make someone’s life better and we were thrilled to partner with parenting bloggers and entrepreneurs @TheGGSisters to get their under $20 picks for Christmas, but we totally believe that affordable gifting means more gifting – any time of the year!

  7. #7. (Re)-opening one of our oldest stores in Kennedy Commons

    We are beyond thrilled with the results of changing locations in Kennedy Commons. You can catch up on this top piece of news with the grand opening announcement (which also included reno-ing during a very unwelcome snow blast last spring! #TBT! 😅)

  8. #8. Tuscana bakeware is a must-have for everyone, this basically proves it


    Our best-selling oven-to-table line in gorgeous colours provides the perfect backdrop for delicious these 5 delicious recipes we curated for you this fall.

  9. #9. School lunches (absolutely have to be) made easy

    As a mom of two young boys, parenting blogger @danyellap put together 5 hacks to help you ace every step involved in school lunches. You’ll want to hit save on this one if you haven’t yet!

  10. #10. Cast iron care is easier than you think (no, really)

    Lodge Refresh-002

    We are mildly obsessed with cast iron, since it’s basically indestructible and you can cook practically anything in it. It can seem daunting and like a big investment, but really, it’s not! We love the quality of Lodge cast iron and put together this quick guide of how seriously easy it is to keep it clean and in top shape.

  11. #11. There’s always a game-changing gadget to do ‘that thing’

    We’re all about gadgets and joined you guys in needing to know what food blogger @MousseTaco‘s picked as the 7 genius gadgets that will change everything.

  12. #12. We all love hosting and entertaining – when you have the right stuff

    Being busy reaches a new level during the holidays so we rounded up these picks as your absolute must-haves for easier holiday hosting. With Christmas clearance sales in our stores on now, it’d be a sweet time to head in and pick up anything you need so you’re ahead of the game for next year!

  13. #13. Getting recipe inspiration from celebrities is a fun way to go

    jennifer garner celebrities cooking

    We can’t help but being a little star-struck by celebs who appreciate a good meal. If these 8 recipes are good enough for Jennifer Garner, Oprah and more – who are we to argue? 😎

  14. #14. When you need a great gift with amazing value, you know where to look

    It’s not about the money you spend, but it doesn’t hurt when you find something impressive for less than $50. Lifestyle blogger @AllStyleLife curated 7 amazing ideas that you’ll be checking in on all year.

  15. #15. Great looking furniture does not have to destroy your budget

    Every year our selection of furniture grows, and we’re so glad that it’s finding good homes with you. We rounded up 7 of the most popular pieces based on what you were sharing on social media.

  16. #16. Helping you get one step closer to being a professional at-home chef


    We are the proud home to one of the greatest selections of one of the greatest cookware brands around – ZWILLING J.A. Henckels. During one of our amazing semi-annual sales, we partnered with a local chef to give you these important tips on proper knife usage and care.

  17. #17. Knowing your knives makes so cooking gets easier

    Another nod to the necessity of good quality knives in every home, this post tells you the 4 knives every home cook needs – and why.

  18. #18. Raising a glass to creative drink recipes

    How fitting that the final post on our list is 19 amazing drink recipes? Say cheers to 2019 with these cocktails and mocktails we love.

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