Tips To Give Teens And Pre-Teens Independence In Their Bathroom

As kids get older they’re able to become more and more independent in the bathroom – looking after themselves, and cleaning up after themselves too. Here’s a few tips to help your older kids through those final stages.

1. Get Organized

black shower caddy with bath products

Splash 2-Tone 2-Tier Shower Caddy

If everything in their bathroom has a place, it’s so much easier for them to find what they’re looking for and put it back in its spot when they’re done. Start your organizing with a good clean out –get rid of old products, or items they’ve outgrown. Then help them to organize the keeps.  Want the shower floor to stay tidy? Add a shower caddy.  As your child enters the teen years prepare yourself for a possible new fixation on all things hair and grooming. Lots of different hair products in the shower can all find a tidy home off of the floor with a handy caddy – along with space for soap and everything else.

hand and cream gift set beside a sink

Brompton and Langley ‘Almond Milk’ Gift Cady Set

Brompton and Langley ‘Almond Milk’ Gift Cady SetKeep counters tidy with a beautiful set of hand soap and lotion by the sink. The basket they come in helps keep them tidy, and a great smelling hand soap always has the added bonus of your kids wanting to wash their hands more often. 😉

2. Age and Stage

marble mirror beside glass canisters

Upper Canada Danielle Marble Countertop 5x Mirror

Every age and stage is different and has its own challenges –and benefits. Older kids –tweens and teenagers are becoming more and more independent. They’re beginning to think more about appearance and in those tween years you will often have that strange mix of make up on the counter and toys in the bath tub. They’re growing and experimenting, and still lots of them like to play –especially in the privacy of their own homes.

A makeup mirror will help them to practise new skills until their heart’s content – or watch their older siblings.

clear basket with children's water toys

InterDesign Rain Vanity Medium Basket

Over by the tub, one of Kitchen Stuff Plus’ clean vanity baskets is the perfect way to tidy up toys and store them away at the end of bath time. I love these ones with the handles because they’re great for storing anything, and so easy to tuck into the cupboard when you’re not using them.

curling iron on a heat mat

Made Smart Bath Tidy Styling Heat Mat

My girls love doing their hair, as they get older that includes curling irons. Depending on their age they’ll need a little help or supervision. I love this styling heat mat to protect your bathroom counters from getting accidentally burned by hot styling appliances.

3. Cleaning Up After Themselves and Becoming Independent

As parents we’ve probably had to pick up dirty clothes and wet towels off the bathroom floor too many times to count, but especially as kids get older it’s important to teach them to clean up after themselves. Having a hamper nearby always helps. But, sometimes it takes a little more.

And as our kids begin to be responsible for their personal hygiene sometimes they need help learning a new skill. Tweens might still be learning how to wash their own hair, and although teeth brushing lessons are hopefully in the past, braces mean parents will be teaching and checking and helping all over again. Here’s a great way to help teach your kids any new skill, and one I’ve used over and over and over again as a parent: I do it, you do it with me, you do it I watch, and you do it.

I find with a tween that even once you hit the you do it on your own stage, random spot checks are still required. 😉

4. Getting Them Invested in a Clean and Tidy Bathroom


marble jar candle beside a block of soap and a bottle of bubble bath

KSP Marble ‘Fig and Gardenia’ Filled Jar Candle

It’s always a great idea with kids to help them get more excited about something by making them a big part of the process. Trying to get your kids bathroom tidy and organized? Involve them!  Bring them to Kitchen Stuff Plus and let them pick out some of the great organization items and storage solutions. And also let their personalities reflect in the new space.

glass apothecary jars with bath bombs and bath salts

KSP Spa Apothecary Jars – Set of 3

My girls love an at-home spa. They love to do treatments, and have fancy bubble baths. We picked out some beautiful glass canisters, and gorgeous bath products at Kitchen Stuff Plus and they couldn’t wait to use them.  Since my girls are a little older, glass canisters (rather than plastic) were fine, but choose what’s right for your kids ages and stages.  We also added a plush bath mat, and beautiful new Turkish cotton luxurius towels –for more of the spa feel.  The Almond Milk body wash smells amazing, and so does the gorgeous fig and gardenia candle (only suitable for older teens).  When they feel part of creating a beautiful space, they’ll be much more invested in keeping it beautiful.

5. Chores

white toilet brush holder beside a toilet

KSP Flush Toilet Brush Holder

When your children are little it’s important to teach them the importance of chores. In our family, we expect everyone to help.  Smaller children need smaller chores. But as your kids reach the tween and teen years, they can help with cleaning the bathrooms.

Make clean up easier with a beautiful toilet brush near at hand. I also find it’s helpful to have a utility bucket filled with things like cleaners, cloths, and paper towels. With everything you need in the bucket it’s easy for older kids to grab it and get their chores done.

There are lots of ways to organize chores. Some families use chore charts to keep track. Some families rotate jobs. And some families tie chores to a weekly allowance. You will have to find what works best for you. At our house, we take turns each week cleaning different areas.

I hope this gives you some practical ideas and inspiration to help your older kids and teens get their bathrooms and themselves all tidy and organized.

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