Easy Ways To Keep Your Bathroom Organized And Clean

Towels Stacked bathroom organization

With spring finally here, I am tackling my organization and spring cleaning projects around the home now.

The bathroom is a great place to start because it’s small and manageable, plus once you get have it nice and clean, you’ll feel so much better and be inspired to move on to your whole house.

I’m sharing my tips to achieving an organized and clean bathroom in hopes you get inspired to do the same.

De-cluttter first, then organize and clean

66503 bath canisters

KSP Nicole Bath Canisters – Set of 3

Go through all of your bathroom cabinets and drawers and de-clutter everything.

If you haven’t used the item in over a month, question why you’re hanging on to it. For example, I had multiple mascaras (some even dried out…whoops!) which I ended up tossing out. Not sure why I was hanging on to those.

I also had lots of items in packaging that were taking up precious space! So, just like in my kitchen organization project, I took everything out of the packaging and used these bath canisters (shown above) to store them in. Once you’ve de-cluttered you can get organizing (the FUN part!!)

Daily maintenance is a must

Let’s be real, dust collects really fast and keeping a washroom clean can be hard work.

If you can keep a daily maintenance routine up, the dreaded weekly cleaning of the house, doesn’t seem so dreaded after all. Keeping all of your counter space and surfaces clear of clutter is the first step, which makes it much easier to wipe them down daily.

My tip is to have cleaning supplies handy (mines are in our upstairs laundry room high up in the shelves so my babies can’t reach them!) and set a routine: wipe down counters/sink, followed by the toilet and then bathtub, followed by cleaning the mirrors.

Glass shower essentials

kashmiri foodie clean organized bathroom shower cleaningThis leads into the next section of the washroom, the fussy glass shower.

Anyone else avoid cleaning their glass shower because it takes forever and is just way too labour intensive!?

I used to! In fact, I even delegated this task to my husband. But once a month cleaning was not enough for me as the water stains and build up was getting to be too much, so I needed a better solution.

Enter the OXO Good Grip Bath Flexible Squeegee. Having easy access to this tool (it hangs up on a removable suction sup holder right on your tile walls in the shower) has changed my life. No, really I’m serious!

Once the shower is done, you take the squeegee and wipe down all the glass leaving a streak-free, shiny and sparking glass shower. And it literally takes less than two minutes to achieve this.

Another organization tip I have for the shower is to use a shower caddy. This will give your shower a clean look and keep your essentials handy and off of the bottom ledge for easy cleaning.

We use this one by Inter Design and I love it. It looks wonderful in my sleek shower and all of my shower time goodies fit on it. Putting this shower caddy up was simple and will not damage your tiles as it uses suction cups to stay up. It’s also very strong so it can hold numerous items.

Proper self-care storage will keep you motivated

kashmiri foodie clean organized bathroom daily essentials

Lately I have been slacking in my skin care routine because as a mom of a two and one-year-old, I am way too exhausted by the time night comes around and I end up washing my face with whatever is closest to the sink… hand soap *gasp*. I know, this is just horrible for my skin, stripping my skin of all of its natural oils.

So I thought what better way to address this than in my clean bathroom project? I now have this clear 3-drawer organizer with my face wash, toner, and face masks, along with dental care items in the next drawer and followed by additional toiletries in the last drawer. Right now, this is out on my counter next to the sink, but once I get into the routine of using my items (rather than hand soap to wash my face!), I can easily tuck this into my cabinet for easy access.

I also use an InterDesign power lock spin toothbrush holder because if you haven’t guessed it yet, the less I have on the counters, the happier I am!! This fits both my toothbrush and toothpaste.

Replace or update your bath mats

kashmiri foodie clean organized bathroom bath mats

An easy update to any bathroom is to upgrade your bat mats.

Bath mats come in many colours and varieties to suit your style. I personally love these Harman spa loop microfibre mats. The slate colour matches my bathroom perfectly and these are the plushest bath mats we’ve had. They also help prevent slipping on the cold wet tiles of the bathroom, especially after a shower.

Add a touch of artwork to your bathroom

Bathroom-2 kashmiri foodieIncluding something that speaks to your personal style will really help pull everything together and give your bathroom a clean, finished look.

Try to keep the colour palette similar throughout the room to maintain harmony or try a trend that works for you.

I chose something to get me motivated right from the morning because as a mom of young ones, I need all the motivation I can get!!!

A clean bathroom is a dream bathroom

My master bathroom is now my dream bathroom… and we didn’t even have to do any renovations to it!

I’ll let you in on a secret: we haven’t even painted our master bathroom since we bought the house five years ago. I know right?! You would’ve never known!

But with the lovely touches mentioned in this blog, a little effort and the right products, go a long way!! I hope you are inspired to get your spring cleaning on.

Tabassum Wyne

Tabassum is the founder of Kashmiri Foodie (, where she shares easy and healthy recipes, fitness tips and lifestyle inspiration. She is also a mom of two little ones who have been her inspiration to get healthy! Check out Kashmiri Foodie to follow along with her recipe creations, food styling, fitness tips and decor inspiration.