6 Kid-Friendly Bathroom Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

In our home, it’s important for us that the kids feel like an essential piece of the household by making it kid-friendly all together.

It’s imperative that they have small and achievable responsibilities throughout the home to give them a sense of confidence and self-assurance. By including them in decision making or implementing new pieces into a common space, they are much more prone to get excited about the area and keep it clean (and who doesn’t love that?).

Below are my top 6 kid-friendly go-to’s for creating a functional, fun and beautiful kid-friendly bathroom.

Less is more

white melamine toothbrush holder on bathroom sink counter

Umbra Step Melamine Toothbrush Holder

I’m going to be honest – I am not a fan of clutter. Since kids need a lot of stuff, it’s a common problem. The best way to keep everything looking clean is having a place for it. This toothbrush holder holds a few toothbrushes (yes, even the battery powered ones!) and a couple tubes of toothpaste. Since the slots are so large it’s easy for little hands to get items in and out. A refillable soap pump is a great way not only to cut costs but it’s also more eco-conscious.

The kids love using their personalized cups – I used some simple scotch tape and a marker to write their names on them. On special occasions, I’ll write a personalized message like “Happy Birthday”. They never seem to forget the mouthwash part of the routine anymore!

Keep it off the floor

wall hooks holding up towels

Umbra Sticks Multi Wall Hook

Wet towels on the floor have always been a struggle. Then I realized, if the kids have somewhere simple and fun to hang it up, they will. This multi-wall hook holds 5 small towels and since it’s placed on our wall at a perfect kid-friendly height, there are no more towels on the ground. The adorable pictures are an added bonus!

Calm and simplicity is key

dark brown diffusers beside a green plant and bottles of lavender essential oil

Aria ‘Wood Grain’ Essential Oil Diffuser

Bath time is part of our nightly routine, it helps wind down and prepare for bed time. A few minutes before the kids get into the bath, I start the diffuser with a few drops of lavender. Lavender has the ability to exert a powerful calming effect on the mind and body and diffusing it promotes better sleep (plus it’s very kid-friendly).

palm tree shower curtain half open in a shower

Moda At Home Polyester ‘Palm Tree’ Shower Curtain

Luckily this shower curtain is not only so fun and inviting it’s super easy to clean, especially when you pair it with s-hooks which allow you to pop it on and off quickly to throw it in the wash.

Who doesn’t like extra space? A  curved shower curtain rod will provide up to 33% more room in your shower. It keeps the water inside the shower instead of leaking out onto the bathroom floor. Plus the design makes bathrooms look and feel so much more luxurious.

A clean, accessible space is a happy space

white toilet brush beside a toilet

InterDesign Loo Plastic Toilet Brush

There are just some necessities every bathroom needs and these can be a challenge to have in a kid-friendly space. This toilet brush  has a simple and sleek design that honestly my kids just overlook (which is rare) and because the brush is fully contained and covered I feel good about it being in the bathroom with curious little people.

nickel toilet paper holder beside toilet

Umbra Teardrop Toilet Paper Stand & Reserve

Since the bathroom is used by four people, we tend to go through a lot of toilet paper. I found it difficult to store it in a place that was easily accessible for the kids or in a spot close to the toilet. This toilet paper stand is perfect for busy bathrooms. The toilet paper sits at perfect height and the reserve comes in handy for storage – plus you never run out!

Tiny hands love convenience

collapsible white storage bin with gold stars with white towels rolled up inside

Home Basics Collapsible ‘Assorted’ Storage Bin

Bath time with kids is no easy feat. There is always a lot going on. Depending on the age of your children, you want to stay 100% attentive and close. I like to cozy up right beside the tub on these super plush and absorbent bath mats.

I’m all about fun at bath time. I let them do their thing and not stress about water, bubbles or soap getting everywhere (and it does!) To stay organized, I put all the kids towels in these little storage bins which are kept at arm’s reach just in case I need more towels during bath time (and don’t want to take my eyes off of the kids). Plus, you can stack them up to save tons of space and fit them almost anywhere.

Keep it organized

clear acrylic organizers in bathroom drawer with common bathroom items

Bathroom Countertop Organizers

Kids have lots of little items. Chances are if you are looking for them, you need to find them  quickly, because keeping a kid’s attention is tough. Using various sizes of drawer organizers which all have a perfect spot to keep everything. The kids love to organize their own items. Plus, they have a better time when things are simple and easy for them to find.

It’s always a good time to refresh your bathroom

Save on everything you need to make your bathroom a little more you.

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Danielle Perciballi

Danielle is a mama of 3 and entrepreneur. She is the creator of life of macs which explores parenthood and lifestyle from a genuine place. Offering conscientious perspective on products, healthy alternatives, nutritious food (with a splash of vegan), DIY and all things that simplify family life. Follow along the journey at @lifeofmacs.