Laundry: The Chore That Never Goes Away

We’ve all been there – clothes stacked haphazardly on the dresser, draped on the infamous “bedroom chair”, or even tossed on the floor. Whether you’re looking for an organizer to help sort your lights and darks, or for a bin that’s easy to lug around, we’ve got it all. Here are our top picks to help take a load off your mind.

KSP Softsac Triple Laundry Hamper-Sorter 

Make laundry easier with the KSP Softsac Triple Laundry Hamper with built-in dividers to help you sort your colours, whites, and darks. Carrying straps allow you to transport this hamper from room to room with ease. Short on space? The Softsac material is collapsible and can be easily folded for storage.

KSP Pop N Fold Space Saving Laundry Basket 

Finding space to store laundry baskets can be frustrating, but that isn’t the case with the KSP Pop N Fold Laundry Hamper. This unique hamper is designed with flexible ribbing, allowing it to collapse perfectly flat, so that it can be hidden anywhere out of sight. Available in 2 colours.

Keep your laundry organized and out of sight with the KSP Index Laundry Hamper. The built-in dividers allow you to organize your laundry with ease, and the hinged lid keeps your delicates out of site. Available in 3 colours.

KSP Laundrette ‘Round’ Laundry Hamper

This stylish hamper stands out from the rest with its unique shape. The KSP Launderette Laundry Hamper keeps its shape with interior tensions poles, and the lining is complete with a draw string to keep your laundry in one place. Available in 3 colours.

KSP Softsac Laundry Hamper with Handle

The easy carry aluminum handles on the KSP Softsac Laundry Hamper allow you to relocate the hamper without any fuss. Available in 3 colours

Sterilite Bushel Ultra Plastic Laundry Basket Hip

The Sterilite Bushel Ultra Plastic Laundry Basket is lightweight, making it easier to carry your clothing to the laundry room. The unique curved side sits comfortably against your hip, freeing up your other hand to open doors, or complete other tasks. Available in 2 colours and 2 sizes.

Honey Can Do Roll On Over ‘Triple’ Laundry Sorter

Tired of lugging your heavy laundry around? The Honey Can Do Roll On Over Laundry Hamper rolls your laundry from one room to the next without any strain. Only doing one load? No problem! Each section is individual and complete with handles, so you can grab a bag and be on your way.

Woolite Laundry Collection Dryer Ball Scented

Save money and keep your laundry static free with the Woolite Laundry Collection Scented Dryer Balls. No need to buy dryer sheets – simply pop a couple balls in the dryer, and they will work to reduce the drying time, fluff your garments, reduce static, and leave a nice fresh scent. Assorted? What colours? What kind of scent? Comes in a set of 6.

Woolite Laundry Collection Easy Mount Iron Caddy

Your days of struggling to find storage space for your ironing board are over. With the Woolite Laundry Collection Easy Mount Iron Holder, you can keep your ironing board tucked out of the way. Plus, it even has a spot for your iron!

Woolite Laundry Collection Fabric Shaver

Bring your garments back to life with the Woolite Laundry Collection Fabric Shaver. This battery powered device works by removing those dreaded pill-balls from your favourite clothing, making them good as new.


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