Dorm Room Furniture That Makes Packing So Much Easier

dorm room packing tips

If you’re a student and exam season is coming to an end, you’re likely already thinking about summer.

The last thing you want to be doing is spending an entire day packing up your dorm room. We get that and we got you!

Here are a few functional items that you will be very thankful for on moving day — not to mention, great things to get so you have a head start on next year!

The storage ottoman

KSP Sit Collapsible Storage Ottoman

KSP Sit Collapsible Storage Ottoman

Double duty furniture is a must when it comes to small spaces such as your dorm. This collapsible storage ottoman is great for packing soft furnishing such as throw pillows and bed spreads.

Under-sink storage

KSP Space Logic Organization Drawer Large

KSP Space Logic Organization Drawer Large

Utilizing under-sink storage space with this storage drawer is great because it’s already packed! This organizer is perfect to maximize vertical space that often goes unused, and you won’t have to worry about packing it up to go home from school (or back again in the fall!)

Collapsible drawers

KSP Fabric '4-Drawer' Storage Cabinet

KSP Fabric ‘4-Drawer’ Storage Cabinet

This fabric dresser is easy to assemble and lightweight with individual bins making this perfect for packing sweaters and delicates. The best part about this drawer is that you can  remove and transport each bin separately then disassemble the frame rather than move an entire dresser.

Bins, bins, bins

Bella Storage Solutions 38L Polkadots Tote Bin with Lid for easy packing

Bella Polkadots Tote Bin with Lid

Transporting clothes is probably the most time consuming part of packing. Throughout all four years of university, I used these plastic storage bins to move all of my sweaters, pants and bedding.

These are perfect because they are great for keeping dust away from your clothes if you put your items in a storage locker over the summer. They are also stackable and when you’re done with them, they neatly tuck into each other to be put away without taking up too much space.

Have you mastered the art of packing?

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