Make The Best Easter Breakfast Waffle Bar Ever

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Food is my love language.

As we navigate how to enjoy meaningful holidays in this new reality of physical isolation, introducing something unique–like a homemade breakfast waffle bar–is the perfect way to evolve your Easter traditions. It’s colourful, delicious, and best of all — the kids can serve themselves and you can actually eat your own breakfast while it’s still hot!

Especially around holidays, what we eat always plays a huge part in how we celebrate. And since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it sets the tone for everything that follows and I swear by the idea that a fun breakfast means a fun day!

So grab your waffle maker, fresh fruit, and all your favourite festive toppings and let your imagination run wild.

Hop to the perfect waffle setup

easter brunch - francesca - hungry homemaker - waffle bar - set up

Kitchen Stuff Plus has an amazing assortment of colourful accessories that are perfect to add that springtime pop of colour to your table!

These little ice cream bowls (shown below) were the perfect size for our waffle bar toppings, easy for little hands to manage and they’re plastic, meaning no worries about them breaking. I love products like these that are versatile for so many uses and durable.

We filled the bowls with sprinkles, jelly beans, whipped cream, carrot gummies and candy-coated chocolates to round out our favourite toppings in our breakfast bar.

easter brunch - francesca - hungry homemaker - waffle bar toppings

Moving onto how to serve it all so it’s easy for everyone to access and put together their creations, there’s one thing I can’t resist: classic white serve ware. The long tray shown holding the waffles, and the square tiered tray for the fruit are perfect for this set up and easily blend into any decor.

Move over, egg decorating!

hungry homemaker easter waffle breakfast bar - bunny waffleGet creative with your waffles! Have fun and combine your favourite toppings to create a delicious treat, or even create an adorable friend.

This Easter Bunny was created using fresh fruit, chocolate chip eyes, marshmallow cheeks and liquorice whiskers. They’re so cute and your kids will love learning how to make them too.

Simply cut one of the waffles into halves to make the ears, and tuck under another waffle. (I pre-cut the waffle so it’s easy to eat after making it your favourite cute bunny!)

I decided to use clear glass plates and wood charger plates to add a little natural springtime feel to the meal. Personally, I really like it because it will suit any decor and the simplicity of the colours will let all your other colourful decor stand out, including the fun toppings and decorations on your waffles.

Let yourself get creative and pick out which colours speak to you most!

Get The Recipe: Easy Sprinkle Cake Mix Waffles

We started this whole breakfast bar off by making fresh and fluffy waffles at home.

Any combination of toppings and decor go perfectly with my super easy sprinkle cake mix waffles. They’re simple to whip up, and are so light and fluffy, you really won’t mind serving “cake” for breakfast!

Just a note: These waffles will be lighter and more delicate than the more traditional. Be sure to use care when removing from your waffle maker. For this Easter treat, I used the Chefman Rotating Waffle Maker to keep my waffles even and to get them safely out of the maker.

Sprinkle Cake Mix Waffles

You’ll Need:

  • 1 box white cake mix
  • 1/3 cup vegetable oil
  • 1 Cup water
  • 3 large eggs
  • 1/2 Cup sprinkles


  • Mix all ingredients together in a large bow, whisking until smooth.
  • Make according to your waffle maker directions.

I hope this breakfast idea gets you in a spring frame of mind, and I wish you all a “Hoppy” Easter! 🐰

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