6 Gifts My Mom Picked Out For Mother’s Day

Mother's Day gift box and flowers on wood

When you want to get someone a good gift, why not go to the source?

Growing up, my brother and I always got the traditional flowers and a handmade card for our mother on Mother’s Day. We would even attempt our own creations in the form of knitting or tie-dying. Though my mom adores me, I realized she may not always see the functionality of homemade gifts. Over the years, shortly after Mother’s Day, our creations seem to always find their way to the bottom of coat closets and cabinets.

As an adult, I’ve learned that the best gifts are items that I want but wouldn’t be willing to splurge on! What is more exciting than replacing an old coffee maker with a shiny new one?

With this in mind, I took my mother to KSP for new kitchen gadgets. This was a fantastic idea because I learned that my mother’s actual wish list is really different than what I thought she would want! It turns out mom was genuinely happy to replace her most simple daily items.

From new knives to a programmable pressure cooker, mom was really excited to use all of her new stuff! Here are a few of my mother’s favourite gift picks:

Swoop carafe for the mom you want to toast

91609-002 wine carafe mother's day

KSP Swoop Glass Wine Carafe | $24.99

A fun twist to the traditional carafe, we once saw this being used at a winery and really wanted one because it was so beautiful. Mother’s Day was really just an excuse to splurge on this. 😉

Faux fur wrap with soothing aromatherapy

Cozy Queen Faux Fur Neck Wrap

Cozy Queen Faux Fur Neck Wrap | $14.99

A buckwheat and lavender filled neck wrap that can be warmed up in the microwave to emit soothing lavender scents. Perfect for winding down after a long day at work!

An instant meal prep upgrade

Henckels International Forged Elite 15 Piece Knife Block Set

Henckels International Forged Elite 15 Piece Knife Block Set | $199.99

This was the item my mom wanted the most but was hesitant to buy because she already had a knife set (purchased 10 years ago). Though it was hard to convince her to take the plunge on this purchase, it was also the most exciting because she had a entirely new set of kitchen knives for meal prep!

Basically every mom wants this one

Starfrit 16 Function Programmable Pressure Cooker

Starfrit 16 Function Programmable Pressure Cooker | $99.99

These programmable pressure cookers have been all over Instagram this year – and for good reason! This pressure cooker is so multi-functional that can create bone broths, braised beef AND yogurt in a few hours!

An underrated and awesome tool

Prepara Tablet & Cookbook Easel Stand

Prepara Tablet & Cookbook Easel Stand | $29.99

For following recipes while cooking, mom really wanted something to prop up her iPad – this is perfect and now she doesnt know how she got by without it!

The everyday oven-to-table essential

Henckels International 6L Enamel Cast Iron Oval Dutch Oven

Henckels International 6L Enamel Cast Iron Oval Dutch Oven | $99.99

Perfect for braising and making stews – this Henckels dutch oven is something mom has been eyeing for a long time!

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Grayce Yuen

Hailing from Alberta, Grayce is an avid home cook and one busy young professional pursuing her dream in Toronto. She loves toy poodles, succulents and dessert. Follow her on Instagram @MousseTaco to see what she's eating.