Must-Have Mugs And Everything You Need For Cozy Holiday Drinks

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‘Tis the season of snuggling up close to the fire with your favourite holiday drink in your favourite mug.

Whether you’re a coffee lover, tea fanatic or just enjoy a classic hot chocolate, quality items will help you take your favourite holiday drink to another level. Warm up this holiday season with the help of these holiday drink must haves, including mugs, kettles and more gadgets you’ll love.

Warm & cozy mugs

Calling all mug collectors! We have tons of colourful mugs with different patterns and fun characters perfect for all year round. If you’re really feeling the festive spirit you can enjoy your holiday drink in a holiday mug – many styles are already on sale now, too!

mugs - monogram style

Monogram mugs, $6.99 each

If you prefer a simple mug that you can use all year round, check out our monogram mugs by Bia. These monochromatic mugs will suite any hot drink lover. Check out all of our mugs here, including matching sets and fun patterns.

A quality kettle – stovetop vs. electric

Stovetop kettles are great to get your water hot – REALLY hot! With the ability to manually control the heat you’ll be able to achieve temperatures that some electric kettles can’t.

In a hurry? Electric kettles are perfect for you. These kettles will let them do the work while you’re getting ready to start the day. With safety features and temperature control options you can reach the perfect temperature with just a click of a button.

Choose from top brand names like Cuisinart, KitchenAid and Breville, who each carry a model that allows you to select the boiling temperature of your water in brushed stainless steel and you can see other colour options here too. (PS: You’ll find them at Kitchen Stuff Plus at AMAZING value. We have everyday low prices on our brand-name kettles so you don’t need to wait for a sale. 👌)

Coffee machine

Coffee machines are perfect if you want a quality cup of coffee in the morning without paying the quality price. Our coffee machines have a variety of features from temperature controls, LCD indicators and BPA-free removable water tanks.

Milk frothers

Make delicious lattes and cappuccinos at home with a milk frother. From battery operated to electric, we have options to fit your space.

Here is your at home professional barista. This Bodum Electric milk frother features a heavy-duty motor that creates the perfect milky foam at home.

This KSP Stylo Battery Milk frother is perfect for those of you who want to enjoy some frothy milk without sacrificing space. The compact stainless steel design is sleek, easy to clean and creates foam from right inside your mug!

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Another fun option is the battery-style version shown here by Dannyelle Nicolle-Ramjist in her holiday gift guide, which includes this genius hot chocolate gift idea!

Ready to start enjoying your favourite holiday drink?

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