My Back-To-School Mudroom Transformation With Kitchen Stuff Plus!

I don’t know about you but getting ready for back to school is so nostalgic! I love picking out new clothes and school supplies, it reminds me of my childhood. The thing I remember most of my childhood back-to-school prep though was organizing! My mom was always organizing everything the night before so that in the morning we just had to grab what we needed and head out the door. Now that I’m a mom (of two toddlers) that’s what I’m most excited about too- organizing!! That’s why when I was able to transform my mudroom for under $100 with Kitchen Stuff Plus I knew I had to share it with you guys.

So before I get into the nitty gritty there are a few main reasons why I always head to Kitchen Stuff Plus whenever I need anything for my home and for back to school

✅ The selection is amazing! they have everything from closet organization pieces to kids lunch boxes

✅ Their prices are incredible! I always find everything I need for the best price

✅ They offer free Canada-wide shipping on orders $75 if you shop online

✅  All their stores are open now for in-store shopping

Ok so let’s get to it! My first issue was shoes. Every morning we spend ten minutes finding the pair to the other shoe and we (by we I mean me 🤣) literally are on our hands and knees going through the piles of shoes looking for the matching pair. It truly made getting their shoes stressful for them and me (see “before” photo below) and it took so much time! Totally unnecessary. So after going through their selection of shoe storage I decided to get  2 of KSP Fabric ’16 Shoe’ Cabinet (Grey) they were only 19.99 each and because they were stackable they fit perfectly in our closet and they fit all of our shoes!  We have only had this organized for a few days but holy it has made the biggest difference. I can tell them which shows to grab from the cubby and within a few minutes we are all ready to head out!



Next I was struggling looking for a clean place to keep their masks. I find it so much easier to keep them in the mudroom so that we can grab and go whenever we head out. Same with sunscreen, bug spray and sunglasses. Their accessories were literally all over the mudroom and I used to keep them in random baskets and on the shelf but when we actually needed them, and were in a rush, we could never find exact what we needed. My solution was the KSP Linea ’20-Pocket’ Over-The-Door Shoe Organizer (Grey) l, it was only $11.99 and the small pockets were perfect for keeping everything in its own compartment and within easy reach. I kept all the kids stuff on the bottom row so they could easily reach in and grab what they need. I filled one cubby with Jacob’s masks, one with Jennas masks and did the same for their sunglasses and I put their sunscreen and bug spray a little higher for me!

I also used the top rows for the exact same thing but with mine and my husbands accessories. It has been a serious game-changer!

Last but not least I ordered 4 KSP Linea Storage Box with Window (Grey). These beauties which come with a little window on the side were only $11.99 and are the perfect place to store the kids hats and other spring accessories.  I will also use these bins come winter to keep everyone’s gloves, hats and scarfs organized and in one spot! So far it’s been so helpful and it’s easy on the eyes!

Total spent: $99.93

Time used: 4 hours

Time and stress saved getting the kids out the door every morning: priceless

I honestly feel sooooo good now that this is over and I couldn’t be happier. I also love how much time this has saved me and I am now not so stressed preparing for school in the mornings because I know at least one aspect of getting ready for school will be smooth sailing thanks to Kitchen Stuff Plus!

Tehseen Merchant (@mommaintraining) is a motherhood lifestyle blogger of two who is always looking for ways to help organize and improve her home and share her motherhood journey through photos and her blog!