Why We Love This Compact Yet Powerful Nespresso Inissia

We love all the Nespresso coffee machines, and since we’re having this unreal promotion on the Nespresso Inissia, (30% off, check it out now!) we want to share why, exactly, we’re head over heels for this compact yet powerful coffee machine.

1. Sizes DO matter, when it comes to coffee size.

Nespresso Inissia (Black/Red)


The Nespresso Inissia prides itself on its size. Compact enough to fit perfectly in any interior, the small espresso machine only weighs 5 lbs. But don’t let its small size fool you – this machine is just as powerful as its larger counterparts.

2. Nespresso Inissia stores your used capsules.

Although the Inissia is one of Nespresso’s smallest machines, the used capsule container’s capacity is 11 capsules, second only to the Nespresso Lattissima Pro which holds 13 used capsules. This means you won’t have to empty your capsule container as often.

Remember, Nespresso now has a free capsule recycling program for when you do need to empty out your capsule container.

3. Save energy with the Auto Off function.

Nespresso Innisia (Red)

Unlike some other coffee machines that will stay on until you press the off button, the Inissia automatically switches off after 9 minutes. This is great for those who often rush out of the house and can’t remember if they shut off their coffee machine or not. (Now only if they had a feature like this on curling irons… 😂)

Regular or luongo?

Nespresso Innisia Coffee (Black/Red)

Short? Long? No matter how you like your coffee, the Inissia can make it for you. And latte lovers can rejoice! The Inissia’s folding drip tray allows for large glasses (like these Latte Macchiato glasses) for the ~perfect~ latte.