How To Turn Your Family’s Organization #Goals Into Reality


During our 2019 Organization Sale, we partnered with Canadian bloggers to help share organization inspiration. We’ll be back with part 2 of this series for our 2020 Organization Sale – on now! In the meantime, revisit their solutions with these great tips below.

Organization #goals are all over Instagram and we’re helping you bring them home.

A perfectly organized kitchen or entryway is beautiful to look at and relaxing. There’s no better time to turn your organization goals organization reality than during our annual Organization Sale.

To help make it easy, we partnered with Canadian lifestyle bloggers to get you inspired. They’ll show you how to efficiently organize the most disorganized areas in your home. (Yes, even if you have kids. 😆)

Entry organization tips by Harlow & Thistle

Entryway organization tips organization sale

@HarlowAndThistle organized her entryway into a functional foyer.

Although Andrea doesn’t have a formal entryway, she was able to create one. Using just a few key pieces, she transforms her “non-entry entry” into an organized and welcoming space.

Eliminate the shoe clutter with a stylish, neutral shoe cabinet.

Along with the sleek shoe rack, she added a coat rack and gave it her own DIY style. She simply spray-painted our Fonza coat rack with gold paint so it would match her decor aesthetic.

Have more questions about how she did it? Ask her on Instagram @harlowandthistle! For more, be sure to read the 5 Entryway Organization Tips Harlow And Thistle learned along the way.

Kids closet organization by The Learner Observer

@TheLearnerObserver’s organized kids closet

Parents can definitely appreciate an organized kids’ closet. Thalita transformed the space with easy, affordable solutions.

@TheLearnerObserver makes sure everything has a place to be!

You won’t believe what Thalita’s “before” photos looked like! In contrast, the “after” reveal is serious closet goals! Along with sorting everything, she maximized space in the closet. This includes using the vertical space on the top shelf for easy storage.

Take a look at more of The Learner Observer’s “before” photos to see how she pulled this transformation off.

Easy drawer organization by Love Create Celebrate

After getting rid of the unnecessary, Love_Create_Celebrate was able to organize what she needed.

Like most people with a Netflix account, Lindi has been inspired by Marie Kondo’s “Tidying Up” show! As a result, she incorporated those methods into her own bathroom. After decluttering and purging the items she no longer needed, she kept and organized what remained to create the drawers of our dreams.

Learn Lindi’s 5 tips for easy drawer organization including which containers she used. Along with her great organization skills, her decor is seriously inspirational.

Pantry and fridge organization tips by Lemon Thistle 

@ColleenPastoor makes her pantry items totally accessible and usable (no food wasted here)!

Adding clear compartments makes food storage easy to manage and tidy.

As they say, the kitchen is the heart of the home. So, it makes sense to want to keep it super organized. However, we all know how easy it is for the fridge to get disorganized and cluttered. Colleen from Lemon Thistle reorganized her kitchen to make a perfectly picturesque pantry and a fully functional fridge, all with some key organization items.

Another tip we loved was to keep sticky items in the fridge bins. Then, if anything leaks or spills, you just put the bin in the dishwasher or give it a quick soapy rinse! Get more genius tips from Lemon Thistle here.

Feeling inspired to organize?

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