Here’s Why This OXO Cookie Scoop Has All Five-Star Reviews

oxo good grips cookie scoop

Bake your cookies easier with the OXO Good Grips Cookie Scoop.

This best-selling gadget has ALL five-star reviews from our customers for a reason. Homemade cookies are a nice treat any time of year, but heading into the holidays, they also make a great gift.

Paired with this scoop and a recipe book, you have a thoughtful gift that works for anyone on your list.

Here’s why we love the OXO Good Grips Cookie Scoop

In two words: It works. It’s an easy-to-use gadget that helps ensure your cookies come out the right shape each time. That means your cookies will bake evenly and you’ll actually come out with the recommended number of cookies in the recipe!

We love the small size for most recipes – it produces perfectly shaped cookies that are 2″ in diameter.

Another fun tip – it comes in medium or large sizes. You can try the medium for making meatballs or adapt your recipes to make larger cookies.

What customers are saying

The OXO Good Grips cookie scoop has all five-star reviews! Check out what customers love about this great baking tool.

Five Stars

This is the handiest tools to have in your kitchen when baking cookies. I am a rookie at baking cookies and using this scoop helps me to keep my cookies all one size…thumbs up

    • Sharon

Five Stars

I’ve had mine for 10yrs it is still as good as new. I use it for cookies ice cream devilled eggs and anything I need a nice scoop to. It’s perfect and hard to find. Highly recommended!

    • Cynthia


Great ways to gift OXO

As a brand, OXO is known for its unique, high-quality yet affordable gadgets. For anyone who wants to get into baking, you can pair the cookie scoop with other OXO Good Grips gadgets like a set of magnetic measuring spoons or measuring cups and our favourite non-slip mixing bowls.

If you know a baker whose tools have become well-worn, try pairing the cookie scoop with these lovely and durable OXO baking sheets and keep their hands safe while handling their treats with our best-selling silicone oven mitts in their favourite colour.

Pair either option with a recipe book or add a personal touch by tucking in a handwritten recipe card to complete the gift.

Cookie recipes you’ll love to try

For a twist on the classic cookies, we love this modified recipe from Anna Olsen.

Shortbread_Cookies_004 use oxo good grips cookie scoop


We highly recommend the added chocolate feature to this simple shortbread cookie recipe.



Another classic to try modifying is this recipe for Vegan Chocolate chip cookies. Whether you’d just like to go dairy-free or you have a friend who deserves a special treat, this is a great way to put your new OXO Good Grips Cookie Scoop to use.

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