Planning Kid’s Lunches For Back To School

Getting your kitchen back to school ready will help make life a little easier! Thank goodness for Kitchen Stuff Plus because it’s truly your one stop shop for back-to-school items.

Take this mini quiz to see if your fridge and pantry are back-to-school ready. 

Answer “Yes” or “No” to the following questions:

  1. Is your refrigerator and/or pantry disorganized (no rhyme or reason for why things are where they are)?
  2. Do you find packing lunches stressful?
  3. Is it hard to get your kids to pack their own lunch or at least help? 

If you answered “yes” to one or all the above, keep reading.

Looks like you are ready to create stress-free moments, and to do that, we need stress-free zones. The first thing I want you to do is pick an area to clean out, you may want to designate space in the fridge, pantry, cupboard or rework a spot in all three places dedicated to school lunches and containers.

Once you have decluttered the space, choose from KSP’s selection of organizers – from stackable food containers to metal baskets and bins that will keep this area looking tidy. I’ve shared my list of favourites below.

Once you have your bins, containers and/or baskets, arrange them to fit in the space, keeping in mind, we want everything within reach. Up next is the fun part…filling these up with nutritious goodies so your kiddos can start to build their own meals and snacks.


Now that your kitchen is organized and ready to go, it’s time to meal prep! Click here for all the tips you need to meal prep plan.


Erin Romeo is an author of “The Visual Guide to Easy Meal Prep”, nutrition coach, She’s an advocate for good nutrition and regularly shares her tips and tricks for healthy eating on Instagram, where she’s better known as the @foodprepprincess. Erin and her meal preps have been featured in a number of publications such as:, Health, Oxygen Magazine,, The Daily, Buzzfeed, Brit+Co and was voted one of the “Best meal Prep Accounts on Instagram” 2018 by Popsugar.