Reduce Food Waste With These 6 Must-Haves

I think we can all agree that food waste is the worst! There’s nothing more frustrating than buying fresh produce and having it go bad in a couple of days, or finding an expired salad dressing at the back of your fridge. Thankfully, with these 6 must-haves, your food will stay fresher longer and you can cut down on food waste.

1. Fridgestor Berry Keeper Baskets

Wash and dry your favourite berries with the built-in strainer, and keep them protected and staying fresh in your fridge. When serving, the berries at the bottom will be just as fresh as those on top!

2. Fridgestor Deep Bins

Did you know that pre-cut spoils quicker because more surface area is exposed? Keep your produce fresher for longer by storing them in bins, then wash and cut when you’re ready to eat them.

3. KSP Fresh Milk Bag Dispenser 

Avoid storing milk on your fridge door! Keep it in the middle shelf where the temperature is consistent. Our Fresh Milk Bag Dispenser is great for keeping your milk secure and within reach.

4. Fridgestor Handy Storage Bins 

These stackable, space-saving bins have a built-in handle for easy removal! Perfect for keeping juice boxes, yogurt, and other snacks within reach.

5. Joie Food Stretch Pods 

Extend the life of your produce by using reusable food stretch pods! The airtight seal keeps foods fresh for longer, plus it’s environmentally friendly! No more tin foil or plastic wrap.

6. Fridgestor Turntable 

Keep your condiments and sauces within reach with our handy turntable. This is a great way to prevent items getting lost in the back of your fridge and going bad before you have time to use them.

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